A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2950 The Eleventh Lightning Tribulation

Just as the crowd looked at Jared in shock, someone detected a drop of rain on their cheek.
Just as the crowd looked at Jared in shock, someone detected a drop of rain on their cheek.

“It's raining?”

“What? This is the far north. The only weather we have here is snow!”

“It really is raining!”

“It's raining! Look! It's raining!”

Suddenly, it began to drizzle.

The Tall family members were startled because none of them had witnessed rain before. After all, the
weather there was so cold that any water in the sky would've turned into snowflakes when it hit the

“What's going on? How can it be raining?” Kaison stretched out his hand to catch a raindrop in

However, when the raindrop fell on his palm, it vanished instantly. He felt the spiritual energy in his
body moving.

“This is...” Kaison widened his eyes in disbelief.

At that moment, Mason flew into the air and faced his family. “This is what I meant by a great
opportunity. What you see before you isn't rain. It's spiritual water. It's spiritual energy condensed into
liquid. This spiritual water is thousands of times more powerful than spiritual energy. Heed my words,
members of the Tall family. Initiate your cultivation immediately and absorb this rare spiritual water.”

Only then did the Tall family members understand why it was raining.

It turned out that the liquid falling from the sky wasn't ordinary water but spiritual water. No matter how
cold the temperature was, the spiritual water would never turn into snow.

The Tall family members promptly sat down and began cultivating, absorbing the spiritual water falling
from the sky.

Everyone's strength soared at a meteoric rate as they absorbed the drizzling spiritual water. Even the
ones who were injured were recovering rapidly.

Mason watched his family members grow stronger at high speed and grinned with satisfaction.

“To think a Third Level Body Fusion Realm cultivator can summon ten lightning tribulations and cause
spiritual water to rain from the sky. What a miracle this is,” Mason said, looking up at Jared.

When he did, he was stunned because the lightning tribulation clouds didn't disappear.

In fact, the clouds were getting thicker.

“What's going on?” Mason frowned, slightly panicking. “Are there more lightning tribulations to follow?” I
don't understand. Jared has survived ten lightning tribulations. Why are the clouds still around? Does

this mean there's an eleventh lightning tribulation? That doesn't seem likely. Even if a Tribulator
cultivator like me reaches Ultimate Realm, I still won't attract eleven lightning tribulations. This is

Upon sensing the power concealed within the lightning tribulation clouds, Mason quickly retreated far,
far away from Jared.

At that moment, Jared was still floating in midair and feeling restless inside.

He had endured ten lightning tribulations, but he had yet to reach Fourth Level Body Fusion Realm.

And now that the lightning tribulation clouds hadn't dispersed, he wondered if there were more lightning

He knew he would not be able to endure it if he had to withstand one more lightning tribulation.

After all, he had barely survived the tenth lightning tribulation.

At that point, he was exhausted, and Golem Body had been destroyed during the tenth lightning

If there was an eleventh lightning tribulation, he would be turned into ash.

Godd*mmit! Are the heavens trying to kill me? I didn't expect this breakthrough of mine to attract such
powerful lightning tribulations!

Mason could tell that Jared was exhausted. He lifted his palm into the air and enveloped Jared in a

powerful aura.

When Jared lowered his head, he saw Mason helping him.

With Mason's assistance, Jared regained some confidence. Although receiving external support during
a lightning tribulation would cause the benefits to decrease, it was still better than dying.

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