A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2823 Queue

Thunderhawk's aura instantly locked onto Yuven and Jared, immobilizing them. At that moment, they
couldn't even move an inch.

Jared's power surged exponentially, but he still couldn't budge.

That was the insurmountable difference in strength.

In the face of the absolute gap in abilities, Jared was helpless even with his Golden Dragon's True

At that instant, terror filled Yuven and Jared as their lives seemed to flash before their eyes.

However, just as Thunderhawk thrust his palm at them, an aura burst forth behind them to block
Thunderhawk's attack.

“Thunderhawk, you know the rules of Jipsdale, yet you dare start a fight within the county? Have you
no regard for Jipsdale's rules?”

Hester leisurely walked toward Jared and Yuven before coming to a stop before the duo, shielding

Thunderhawk frowned slightly at the sight of Hester. “Mr. Sparrow, this person stole my heavenly
thunder fruits. I'm just trying to retrieve my belongings!”

“Thunderhawk, let's not mention him stealing your heavenly thunder fruits; even if he killed your father,
picking a fight within Jipsdale is still prohibited! If you want revenge, you'll have to wait until you leave

Jipsdale. By then, I won't interfere. On the other hand, if you wish to cause a ruckus in Jipsdale, you'll
have to seek my permission,” Hester said as his piercing eyes bore into Thunderhawk.

Thunderhawk grimaced. Nevertheless, he was aware that if he disregarded Jipsdale's rules and
caused a scene there, he might never leave that place.

Thunderhawk grimaced. Nevertheless, he was aware that if he disregarded Jipsdale's rules and
caused a scene there, he might never leave that place.

“Fine. I'll settle the score with them after they leave Jipsdale!” Thunderhawk nodded, then turned to
look at Jared and Yuven. “You two just wait! Once I spot you two stepping out of Jipsdale, I'll
immediately do away with you!”

With that, Thunderhawk's body flickered, and he disappeared.

The pressure on Jared and Yuven was also lifted instantly.

“Mr. Sparrow, thank you for saving us!” Jared hastily stepped forward and expressed his gratitude.

“Don't thank me. I'm just fulfilling my duty.” After saying that, Hester also vanished on the spot.

Once the two left, Jared couldn't calm the restlessness in his heart for a long while. I wonder when I
can reach the pinnacle of cultivation so I no longer need to fear anyone.

Yuven seemed to read Jared's mind and said, “Mr. Chance, you've attained this cultivation level at such
a young age, which is already quite remarkable. The path of spiritual energy cultivation requires
gradual progress, so don't be hasty.”

Jared nodded. Subsequently, the two returned to the courtyard.

As the contest between alchemists would officially start the next day, everyone turned in early. Although
Viola yearned to be intimate with Jared, she suppressed her desire at the thought of the competition

Early the next morning, they hurried to the Alchemist Fair.

The Alchemist Fair's entrance was bustling as over a thousand people had gathered there.

“Why are there so many people this year?” Ghaylen was shocked to see the unexpectedly large crowd.

“Perhaps it has something to do with the special reward from Jipsdale for the champion this year,” Viola

Staring at the long queue at the Alchemist Fair's entrance, Jared was speechless. If I had known it
would be like this, I would've stayed in Solaris Sect yesterday to skip this queue!

“How long will we have to queue for?”

Yuven also couldn't help but be taken aback by the buzzing throng.

“Let's just get in line,” said Jared as he began to join the queue.

However, just as Jared and his party were standing in line, someone abruptly called out. “Jared, you
don't need to queue. Come with me!”

Jared turned around and saw it was Pearl.

She was walking toward them with Roderick alongside her.

“Jared, we meet again,” Roderick greeted Jared after seeing him.

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