A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2757 Work For Me

The very next second, the three of them reappeared again outside the cage, which was still intact and
showed no signs of damage.

The sudden turn of events caught Jared by surprise. He couldn't figure out how the trio could escape
the cage he conjured without breaking it and was inadvertently astonished.

“Hahaha! Did you think we would dare to commit robbery if we weren't capable enough?” Crixus
sneered amidst his hearty laughter.

Staring at the trio, Jared began to be intrigued by them. He was curious as to how they had escaped
his arcane array without damaging it.

With a flip of his palm, the ground beneath the trio trembled as rays of light broke out from below,
quickly forming a cage that enveloped the three of them within.

Thereafter, Jared filled the arcane array with spiritual energy.

“Hahaha... The same technique again?”

Crixus guffawed when he saw Jared trying to imprison them with yet another arcane array.

Nonetheless, Jared ignored the former's snigger as a dancing flame ignited on the tip of his finger. He
then hurled it into the arcane array.


The arcane array tremored before a fiery inferno exploded on top of it, surrounding the Three Bandits
with raging flames.

“Trying to burn us to death? What a naive plan...” Juan, the second eldest of the Three Bandits, scoffed

Right after that, he gathered spiritual energy in his palm and unleashed a hurricane, hoping to
extinguish the inferno with it.

However, the result was not what he expected, as the hurricane ended up increasing the fire's intensity.

Seized by panic, the Three Bandits began to scream in fear.

Despite their frantic attempts with magecraft, nothing they did helped them escape from the arcane

“What sort of inferno is this? Why is it so intense?” Crixus exclaimed as his face lost all color.

“It turns out that you guys aren't that big of a deal, after all. You don't even recognize demonic fire.”

Jared smirked as he watched the trio screaming in agony.

“Demonic fire?”

The three of them exclaimed in unison, “Are you a Demonic Cultivator?”

“Do you actually think that only Demonic Cultivators can use demonic fire? I can't believe how f*cking
little exposure you have,” Jared retorted.

The three of them didn't dare talk back after being cowed by the raging fire that was roasting them

“Mercy... Have mercy on us, sir. We're willing to do anything you want as long as you spare us!”

“The three of us only take a little money from others and have never killed anyone.”

At last, the Three Bandits dropped to their knees and begged.

Now that the arcane array was surrounded by demonic fire, they could not escape. They had no
intention of being burned to death by it.

“Are you sincere in your offer to work for me?” Jared asked.

“Yes, we are... We are...” the trio frantically promised.

“Fine, I'll take your word for it. If I find out that you have lied to me, I'll definitely make you suffer a fate
worse than death!”

Jared proceeded to extinguish the inferno with a gentle wave of his hand.

The moment the fire was snuffed out, the Three Bandits unleashed a purple beam of light on the
arcane array. Their bodies subsequently disappeared from within and reappeared outside.

Their heads were covered in sweat while shock remained plastered across their faces.

“Thank you for showing us mercy, sir!”

When Crixus dropped to his knees to express his gratitude, the other two bandits quickly followed.

“I've spared you because you might be of use to me one day. However, if you don't prove your worth
when the time comes... I'm sure you know what happens to those who are useless,” Jared asserted

“Yes, we understand. The three of us will definitely serve you to the best of our abilities,” the Three
Bandits swiftly promised.

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