A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1869

A Little Duel

“No. The Warriors Alliance no longer exists in Jadeborough,” Jared replied nonchalantly.

Instead of gasping in shock after hearing that, the people around him simply burst out laughing.

“Oh, the foolishness of youth! Did you really think you wiped out the Warriors Alliance all by yourself?
Tell you what, the Warriors Alliance is merely a ruse! If they wanted to keep it alive, a new Warriors
Alliance will emerge in Jadeborough!” said one of the men with a disdainful smile on his face.

They believed that Jared was too young to know anything about the ugly side of society.

Despite the provocation, Jared didn't get mad at them at all. “Oh, I'll just take them as they come. They
can create as many as they like, but it won't make a difference,” he said with a faint smile.

“You sure talk big, buddy! I don't know how you got lucky enough to obtain the blood demon's physical
body, but I've heard that you're the strongest among the young generation in the martial arts world.
Now, I'm itching for a good fight, so how about we have a go at it?” the man replied while materializing
a sword in his hand.

The sword glowed brightly as the man stabbed at Jared right between the eyes.

This isn't a fight! He's clearly trying to kill me!

The look on Jared's face turned icy-cold when he realized that.

He quickly leaned back and slid along the floor to dodge the incoming attack.

The sword ended up striking a chair behind Jared, breaking it into pieces instantly.

“Oh, you're just asking for it now...” Jared said coldly while getting back up on his feet.

“You're in Demon Sect now, punk! Do you really think you can intimidate us?” the man replied with a

He was not afraid of Jared's threat in the slightest.

“What are you doing, Simon? Our leader invited Mr. Chance over!” Jessica shouted anxiously.

“This is none of your business, Jessica! Our leader can punish me later for all I care. Right now, I'm
going to teach this punk a lesson!” Simon Lambert retorted before slashing at Jared.

Jared's eyes narrowed when he realized Simon was most likely acting on their leader's orders.

If I get injured in this fight, Demon Sect will gain the upper hand in the negotiation later. If I defeat
Simon, then their leader will probably come up with some other strategy.

With that in mind, Jared decided to stop holding back and materialized Dragonslayer Sword in his left

The sword exuded such a powerful aura that everyone in the area gasped in shock when they felt it.

As Jared had absorbed a lot of sword spirits while he was at Engarder Sect, his Dragonslayer Sword
had become a lot more powerful.

In fact, his Dragonslayer Sword was perfectly capable of cutting through almost anything.

Simon froze briefly when he saw Dragonslayer Sword glowing brightly in Jared's hands, but he
continued stabbing at Jared anyway.


Jared let out a disdainful snort as he swung Dragonslayer Sword at Simon's sword with all of his might.


A loud metallic clang echoed through the area. Moments later, Simon's eyes went wide with shock and
disbelief when he saw that his sword had been broken in half.

What the... This is a magic sword that took forty-nine days to forge! It's ridiculously tough, and yet, this
punk managed to break it in half in one slash...

Simon was still shaken up by the sudden turn of events, but Jared wasn't about to stop attacking him.
After breaking Simon's sword, Jared used his forward momentum to follow up with an upward slash.

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