A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1744

“What do you guys think blood demons are? Transforming his corpse into a zombie puppet, you said?
You must be joking!” Evangeline rolled her eyes at Jared and Flaxseed. Thousands of years ago, these
blood demons were superior beings.

Although the corpse only has a breath of vitality left, that doesn’t mean someone can just transform it
into a zombie puppet. Jared sighed upon hearing that. “It’s just a shame to waste a strong body like
that. We can neither destroy it nor use it…”

Just then, Evangeline suddenly uttered, “Although you can’t transform it into a zombie puppet, you can
still use a spirit to possess it and control it. However, it needs to be a strong spirit. Besides, you can’t
control it for long because the body is going to devour the spirit.”

“Possessing the body with a spirit?” Jared was stunned. He then shook his head and said, “If I use my
spirit to possess the body, my body would be a walking corpse.”

“Are you stupid? Why must you use your spirit? You can always find a spirit and bind it with a spiritual
sense. After that, let the spirit possess the blood demon’s corpse. That way, you can control the
corpse!” Evangeline laughed at Jared.

Comprehension dawned when Jared heard that. Upon smacking his forehead, he said, “Right! Why
didn’t I think of that?”

“That’s a good idea, but where are you going to find a spirit? Besides, it has to be a strong spirit.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to control the blood demon’s corpse,” Flaxseed asked.

Jared was stunned momentarily, but he quickly remembered that he had kept Gilbert’s spirit in his
Storage Ring. That guy is a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis! I should be able to use his spirit to control
the blood demon’s corpse!

With that in mind, Jared quickly opened his Storage Ring and released Gilbert’s spirit. The moment
Gilbert’s spirit appeared, Jared controlled it by using his spiritual sense..

At that moment, Gilbert’s spirit was extremely weak. Hence, Gilbert had no choice but to submit to
Jared. “Gilbert, I kept your spirit and spared your life. Now, I’ve found you a body. You can live again,”
Jared said.

Upon hearing that, Gilbert was stumped. Who would’ve known that Jared would actually find me a
body? Is he not worried about me taking revenge on him?

Jared knew what was on Gilbert’s mind, so he added, “I’m leaving a spiritual sense on your body. If you
dare to betray me, I’ll reduce you to ashes.”

Gilbert immediately dropped to his knees when he heard that. “I won’t betray you, Mr. Chance!”

Jared nodded. After that, he shot a ray of golden light toward Gilbert. “This is the body. I’m giving you.
You may possess it now!” Jared pointed at the blood demon’s corpse.

Gilbert was delighted when he saw the blood demon’s corpse, and he instantly lunged toward it.
However, as soon as he did that, the blood demon’s body released an intense ray of light and expelled
Gilbert’s spirit.

Everyone at the scene was stupefied. Gilbert gasped and uttered, “That’s such a strong body! I-I can’t
even possess it.”

Jared then shot Evangeline a confused look. “The spirit is too weak. It can’t even penetrate the shield
on the blood demon’s corpse,” Evangeline explained.

“Is a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis considered weak?” Jared felt helpless. Gilbert is a Top Level
Martial Arts Marquis, and he’s still not able to possess the blood demon’s corpse. What can? A Greater

Martial Arts Marquis? Where am I supposed to find a Greater Martial Arts Marquis’ spirit?

At that moment, Jared looked dejected. Since Gilbert’s spirit can’t possess it, I should return his spirit to
the Storage Ring. Just when Jared was about to do that, Gilbert suddenly asked, “Mr. Chance, do you
want to revive that corpse?”

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