A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1654

Take Over

Jared instructed Augustus to guard the ancient ruins while he returned to Whitesea with Flaxseed.
Meanwhile, the Simmonses were busy preparing for Megan and Tristan’s upcoming wedding.

Jared had previously agreed to attend their wedding. Hence, he would have to stay at the Simmons
residence for a few days. Moreover, he was planning to observe whether Megan’s uncle, Tony Huxley,
had ill intentions.

It was finally the wedding day, and the respected businessmen from different industries in Whitesea
attended their wedding as scheduled. There were about hundreds of attendees there.

Tony was busy helping on the wedding day. Seeing how hard he worked, Megan felt relieved somehow.

Among the guests, a table of people in the corner carried blank looks on their faces. It seemed strange
that they were completely disinterested in the wedding.

“Jared, did you notice that table over there? They are the Martial Arts Grandmasters. I don’t think
they’ve come to give their blessings,” Flaxseed told Jared.

In fact, Jared had discovered them much earlier when he utilized his spiritual sense a while ago. As
such, he was able to notice everything that was happening there.

“Let’s wait for a while. We’ll see their true colors soon.”

Jared smiled faintly.

Soon, the wedding ceremony ended, and Tony went up the stage for a speech as Megan’s elder. He
spoke through the microphone. “First of all, thank you for taking the time to attend my niece’s wedding.
Now that Megan is married and pregnant, she should focus on taking care of her baby. As her uncle, I

hope that she can live a happy and blessed life. Hence, I hereby announce that I will take over her
position to manage the Simmonses’ business after this. As for Megan, she will be moving to
Jadeborough and never return again.”

He continued, “I hope that all of you will still continue the existing collaboration with the Simmonses
after my takeover!”

As soon as he finished his speech, murmurs arose from the crowd. The guests shared a startled
expression and started to discuss among themselves.

Meanwhile, Megan was extremely furious upon hearing that. She roared, “Uncle Tony, what are you
talking about? Who said that I’m going to Jadeborough and never returning again? Who gave you
permission to take over our family?”

“Don’t be angry, Megan. I’m only doing this for you. You’re a woman, after all. Shouldn’t you be staying
home and taking care of your family instead? I’ve been managing the Simmonses’ affairs for about a
year, and my ability is evident to all. I’m the most suitable person to take over this from you. Otherwise,
I’m worried that you might ruin the Simmonses soon.”

Hearing that, she continued, “You should know your position. You’re merely working for the
Simmonses. I can kick you out anytime, and you’ll have nothing to do with our family!”

“Don’t be mad, Megan. It’s not good for the baby,” comforted Tristan at the side. He looked at Tony with
an icy gaze and said, “Who do you think you are to take over the Simmonses?”

“I might be a nobody, but I think you should know those guys over there.”

As soon as Tony said that, the table of guests in the corner leaped and landed on the stage.

All of them exuded the aura of a Martial Arts Grandmaster, causing the atmosphere in the banquet hall
to become increasingly tense. Their domineering aura was sufficient to cause one to shudder.

However, Tristan merely stared at the Martial Arts Grandmasters and did not seem frightened.

He was aware that he was no match for them. Nevertheless, knowing that he had Jared to back him
up, he was not afraid of them.

“Are you relying on these people to snatch over the Simmonses’ properties?” Tristan questioned Tony.

“Yes, indeed. I wonder if anyone in Whitesea can defeat these guys? Not only do I want everything that
belonged to the Simmonses, but I will also take a share of all the prestigious families in Whitesea!”

Tony swept a glance at the crowd as he voiced.

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