A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1623


The Deragon family members trembled under the immense pressure. They fell to the ground and knelt.
Some could not withstand the pressure and spat out blood before dying on the spot.

Even Ryker, who was trying his best to withstand the pressure, could only kneel helplessly.

Jared looked down at Ryker and said, “Look here. You have no right to negotiate with me. In fact, you
have no choice but to listen to me. I have many ways to make you suffer a fate worse than death.”

As Jared spoke, a ray of golden light entered Ryker’s body. Ryker’s body itched uncontrollably and a
sharp pain traveled through his body.

It felt like tens of thousands of ants were biting him. Ryker rolled on the ground as his face contorted
with pain.

He was a renowned old Martial Arts Marquis, yet he rolled about on the ground with no dignity.

His subordinates stared at him with indescribable expressions on their faces. Only Godrick had a cold
look on his face as he knelt.

“Okay. I’ll let her go. I promise you. I’ll let your mother go…” Ryker breathed arduously. The
excruciating pain tortured him so much that he had no choice but to accede to Jared’s request.

Jared waved a hand, and the golden light came out from Ryker’s body. Ryker’s body was full of cold
sweat. He exhaled heavily before standing up.

“Take me there,” Jared ordered Ryker coldly. He knew that only Ryker could open the doors to the

Ryker nodded before walking to the courtyard while Jared trailed after him. “You can’t go…”

At that moment, Godrick suddenly stood up. Jared turned to him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ryker saw that and glared at Godrick angrily.

“Jared, you can’t go to the dungeon. Your mother is no longer there. The place is filled with Heavenly
Lightning Stones. Even if you are immortal, you will be blown into smithereens. Ryker plans to let the
entire Deragon family die along with you…” Godrick said to Jared.

Jared was stunned. He turned around to look at Ryker.

Ryker was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He yelled, “Godrick, what the f*ck are you saying? I’ll
kill you…”

Ryker did not expect that Godrick, who had always been loyal to him, would say such words at this
crucial juncture.

Ryker attacked Godrick harshly. Although he could not defeat Jared, he could easily deal with Godrick,
as he was an experienced Martial Arts Marquis.

Yet, when Ryker directed a blow at Godrick, he narrowed his eyes, and the power of a Martial Arts
Marquis emitted from him. Their attacks collided harshly.

Boom! A loud crack resounded through the air. Ryker stumbled back a few steps, but Godrick merely
took a step back before regaining his balance.

The sudden turn of events stunned everyone. Jared’s frowned. He did not expect that Godrick would
be so powerful.

However, Godrick concealed his power too well, so Jared was unable to sense it. “Godrick, you…
You… When have you gotten so powerful?” Ryker looked at Godrick in shock.

“I’m maybe from a cadet branch of the Deragon family, but I’m also a member of the Deragon family.
I’ve always been loyal to the Deragons… However, all these years, as the patriarch of the Deragon
family, you only gave the best resources to your son. The rest of us have gotten nothing!

Since you don’t provide us with resources, I can only acquire them using my own methods. I have been
secretly cultivating in hopes of becoming the Deragon family’s patriarch and replacing you and your
son one day,” Godrick said to Ryker with a frosty smile on his face.

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