A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1608


“Jared, Skylar looks rather formidable. Do you think Edgar can hold him off?” Colin asked. “Don’t worry.
Let’s keep on watching. I reckon Skylar is already looking for an opportunity to flee.

He may seem to have the upper hand now, but he’s only dishing out all those attacks to buy himself a
chance to escape,” Jared explained. “After all, he knows he’d lose if the fight were to drag on. By
attacking with everything he’s got, he’s hoping it’d distract Edgar long enough for him to make a break
for it.”

Even though Colin didn’t quite understand Jared’s words, he did as instructed and kept his eyes fixed
on the fight. Meanwhile, Skylar had gotten even more fearsome and continued to rain blows on Edgar,
leaving the latter struggling to fend off the attacks.

Now that Skylar was getting stronger and on the verge of winning the fight, several people in the crowd
grew excited. “President Norton is the best! Go on and kill Edgar! Kill him…”

“Edgar Deragon doesn’t deserve a swift death. He should be skinned and flogged!”

Upon seeing those people cheering Skylar on, Jared couldn’t help but shake his head. Ha! Given
Edgar’s character, there’s no way he’d let those fools off once he wins the fight.


An earsplitting explosion suddenly rang out, and Edgar found himself stumbling backward once again.

This time around, however, Skylar didn’t take the chance to attack further. Instead, he paused
momentarily before leaping into the air and heading toward the exit of the martial arts arena.

Naturally, that turn of events left everyone shell-shocked. To them, Skylar had clearly gained the upper
hand in the fight, so there was no logical reason why he should be running away.

They couldn’t, for the life of them, justify his actions. Colin’s jaw had also dropped as he turned to look
at Jared, his eyes full of admiration.

My goodness. His analysis was spot-on! That’s impressive! The next second, Edgar burst out laughing.
“Hahaha! At least he was smart enough to run. If he hadn’t, I’d have killed him…”

More importantly, I’m not going to give chase. I’ve never even thought about killing Skylar. All I want is
to prove to everyone that I’m undefeatable!

With Skylar gone, it went without saying that Edgar was crowned the winner.

Of course, nobody had expected the epic battle between two Greater Martial Arts Marquises to end in
such a comical manner.

Given Skylar’s status, it was even more shocking that he would throw his ego away and flee with
everyone watching.

By doing something like this, he would become the public’s laughingstock.

What many people didn’t know, however, was that Skylar couldn’t care less about his ego.

Now that he had run away, those in the crowd who were clamoring for Edgar to be killed began to
quiver with fear.

“Who were the ones who wanted me dead earlier? Step out right now!” Edgar yelled, a menacing aura
radiating off of him.

Alas, one of the men was so terrified that he coughed out blood and died on the spot, leaving the rest
to fall to their knees and beg for mercy.

“Please spare us, Mr. Deragon! Please! We’ll pledge our eternal allegiance to you…”

Unfortunately, Edgar was devoid of emotion as he waved a hand and promptly reduced the begging
men to a pool of blood and ribbons of flesh.

Upon witnessing his cruel actions, everyone fell into a tense silence.

As for Edgar, his gaze had shifted to a teenager in the crowd who hadn’t moved an inch from his spot.

From the way Edgar’s eyes were blazing with fury, it was clear he wasn’t going to let the teenager off.

Just then, Astrid stood in front of the teenager. “Edgar, why do you keep staring at the kid? All he did
was say something wrong!”

“Oh, are you trying to save him?” Edgar retorted, eyes narrowing as he did. “If so, take off your clothes
now, and I might spare his life…”

Astrid’s face instantly flushed with anger. “Sc*mbag! You’re a sc*mbag!”

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