A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1606


Knowing she was no match for Edgar, Astrid turned pale. The gap in power between Martial Arts
Marquis and Greater Martial Arts Marquis was way too large.

Just when Edgar was about to attack Astrid, a massive wave of energy suddenly approached him and
enveloped his body.

“What a shameless man you are! I can’t believe a grown man like you is trying to lay a hand on children
and women.” After saying that, Skylar leaped up and landed steadily beside Astrid.

He turned to her and said in a chivalrous tone, “Don’t be afraid, Ms. Gunderson. As long as I’m here,
no one can hurt you.” However, Astrid’s eyes were filled with scorn as she glared at him. Saying
nothing, she turned around and walked into the crowd.

“Don’t you act so pretentiously trying to save the damsel in distress, Skylar. She didn’t even give a
d*mn about you! Stop thinking so highly of yourself,” Edgar sneered.

Skylar spat, “You and I are basically on the same level, but I’m much more intelligent than you. Only an
idiot like you would take the initiative to stand up against Warriors Alliance and think you’re invincible
just because you’re a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. What a joke! The world is so big. A Greater Martial
Arts Marquis like you is nothing. I never expect you to be so ignorant.”

He had witnessed the higher-ups meeting of the Warriors Alliance before. Despite Tanner’s great
power, he knew the Black Silver Robe and Black Gold Robe warriors’ strength was way more potent
than the Black Copper Robe warriors.

In fact, there might even be Greater Martial Arts Marquis among the Black Copper Robe and Black
Silver Robe warriors.

“You’re the one who’s ignorant here. You’ve just become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Do you think
you can fight against me? Although you and I are both rookie Greater Martial Arts Marquises, your
strength is far behind mine. I can defeat you with only one hand.” Edgar let out a cold snort, his eyes
filling with disdain.

He thought he was different from Skylar as he had been through the thunder tribulation, and Skylar was
undoubtedly no match for him.

“Haha! I never knew you were so good at bluffing. Even if you want to defeat me with two hands, do
you think you can do it? Look at yourself! Jared had chopped off one of your arms. I wonder where you
get the audacity to be so arrogant.”

Skylar’s laughter made Edgar’s expression turn even uglier.

Meanwhile, Jared was gazing at Skylar and Edgar in the corner of the stands. Colin, Renee, and
Lizbeth were seated beside him,

He had put on a simple disguise to avoid being recognized.

Just then, Colin asked in a hushed voice, “Jared, who do you think will win?”

Jared remained silent. His eyes were sparkling.

He could not use his spiritual sense to probe the duo as they would immediately notice it.

A few moments later, he parted his lips and said, “Edgar will win the battle.”

“What makes you say that?” Colin asked curiously.

“Don’t ask. Just watch carefully.” Jared went silent after saying that.

At that moment, Skylar and Edgar were ready to get into a fight in the martial arts arena.

“Skylar, although both of us are rookie Greater Martial Arts Marquises, I’ll let you know the difference
between us today!”

With that, Edgar unleashed his martial energy and leaped into the air, sending a terrifying aura straight
at Skylar.

“Is that the power of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis?”

A look of surprise spread across the crowd’s faces as they felt the aura Edgar exuded.

Faced with Edgar’s attack, Skylar also went all out and unleashed the most potent aura in his body.

The moment the two auras collided, the whole place lit up. After that, explosions rang out, and the
ground quaked.

Two Greater Martial Arts Marquises exchanging blows was indeed a rare scene.


The ground shook as if the whole world was trembling under the impact.

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