A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2281 A Mount

There's no way I'll take responsibility when I've done nothing.

"l've already become yours from the moment I took your blood.You're my master from now on.Did you
not feel anything just now?" Feenix asked.

Jared was tongue-tied.

After all, he did feel an amazing and comfortable sensation wash over him earlier.

Even so, the entire situation sounded ridiculous to him.She became mine by just taking one drop of my
blood? How is that possible? And we even...

"Ms.Feenix, this is just too sudden.I find it hard to process all this information.Anyway, I've got to go
back or people will start worrying."

Jared wanted to leave as quickly as possible or he would never be able to clear his name.

"Master, I won't stop you if you want to leave, but first, let me give you a present."

With that, she waved her arm gently, and the entire mountain began rumbling.

Countless demon beasts roared in unison, their roars sounding excited.It was almost as if they were
cheering for Feenix.

Just then, all the demon beasts that brought Jared to the place gathered over, behaving like tamed
dogs in front of Feenix.

"From today onward, this person will be your master.You have to obey his orders at all times," Feenix
said to the demon beasts.

Glancing at Jared, the demon beasts growled softly and nodded profusely.

"Master, these demon beasts are sentient.Although they can't speak our language or transform into
humans, they are quite intelligent.Why don't you pick one as your mount? It can protect you in times of
danger, too," said Feenix.

Excitement bubbled within Jared.it'd be so cool to have a demon beast as my mount! He swept a gaze
over the demon beasts gathered before him, not knowing which one to choose.

Just as he was having difficulty making up his mind, the Blazing Tiger that summoned the wave of
demon beasts growled softly.

It then approached Jared and nuzzled against him as if offering to become his mount.

At that, Jared patted the Blazing Tiger's head and said to Feenix, "I'll go with this one then."

"All right.You can come here anytime to seek my help if you encounter any difficulties," said Feenix.

"Okay." Jared nodded.

Although Jared did not think he needed her help at that moment, Feenix and her demon beasts would
soon play a huge role in helping him conquer the Eight Major Secret Realms in the future.

With that, Jared leaped and mounted the Blazing Tiger, which let out a roar and charged down the

Countless demon beasts stood on both sides of the mountain path, giving Jared a send-off.

At that moment, Jared was like a general examining his soldiers.

At the same time, Evangeline, who was waiting for Jared at the foot of the mountain, paled when she
heard the roars echoing in the mountain.

"Ms.Gunderson, I think Mr.Chance is most likely dead.Perhaps we should go back," suggested Zain.

After all, no one could survive staying in the Demon Beast Mountain for such a long time, let alone
intruding into the depths of the mountain.

"Let's wait a little longer..."

Evangeline felt rather sad.

After all, she held special feelings for Jared.

In fact, she never would have recovered if not for him.

"Bad news, Ms.Gunderson!"

Just then, a member of the Gunderson family came running over.

"What's wrong?" asked Evangeline.

"The B-Blazing Tiger is charging in our direction.There's a huge group of demon beasts following it,
too.I'm afraid another wave of attack might happen," said the person with fear written all over his face.

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