A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2274 Ambush

Kayden leaped into the air and zoomed toward the Blazing Tiger before Jared could even say anything
in response.

Since everyone was busy fighting the demon beasts, no one took any notice of him.

Yet, as soon as Kayden leaped into mid-air, a loud screech resounded across the area.

A dozen massive eagles suddenly rushed toward him in the sky.

Caught off guard, Kayden ended up being surrounded by those eagles.

Their sharp claws left injuries all over his body.It seemed like the Blazing Tiger was well-prepared.

Knowing that someone would launch an attack from mid-air, it had set up an ambush in advance.

If Kayden had not competed with Jared to attack the Blazing Tiger, the latter would have fallen victim to
the ambush instead.

"I didn't expect that beast to be so cunning that it knows how to observe the situation and prepare an

Jared's curiosity toward the Blazing Tiger was piqued.

When demon beasts cultivated to a certain level, they could develop a spiritual intelligence that allowed
them to think like humans.

If the demon beasts continued to cultivate, they could eventually shapeshift into a human form and
even become immortal.

There were multiple paths toward becoming immortal.

One would surely achieve it as long as one persevered till the end.

Kayden got injured from the sudden attack and recovered after a short moment of readjustment.He
then whipped out his flying daggers and threw them at the eagles.

The numerous daggers pierced through the air like bolts of lightning, gleaming dangerously under the

Having been pierced by the daggers, a few eagles fell onto the ground.It was evident that Kayden was
quite powerful too.He was merely too anxious to kill the Blazing Tiger earlier that he fell for the ambush
and got injured.

Roar! The Blazing Tiger let out another ferocious roar.

Soon, a massive group of various flying demon beasts rushed over in Kayden’s direction.

There were so many of them that they resembled a giant dark cloud looming threateningly in the sky.

Kayden was stunned when he saw that.

Even if those demon beasts stayed put, he would still tire himself to death just by slaying them all.

Jared immediately leaped mid-air.

The tips of his fingers glowed as rays of golden light shot out of them like bullets, zooming toward the
bunch of demon beasts.

The flying demon beasts plummeted onto the ground with shrieks of agony.

However, since there were too many of them, Jared could not stop them from advancing despite
shooting countless rays of light.

"What the f*ck are you waiting for?" bellowed Jared furiously when he saw Kayden standing there,

Only then did Kayden finally return to his senses.He spread his arms apart.

The numerous flying daggers formed a pair of wings, allowing him to float mid-air.

Following a shake of his arms, he launched multiple daggers, injuring and killing more flying demon

Once again, they fell to the ground one after another.

However, Jared knew they couldn't continue doing this for long.

They must think of a way to kill the Blazing Tiger! When he raised the Dragon Slayer Sword, the Power
of Dragons circled it continuously as a golden dragon emerged.

Fear surfaced in the Blazing Tiger's eyes the moment it saw the golden dragon appear.

Jared swung the Dragonslayer Sword, and a beam of light shot into the sky.

In response, the golden dragon roared before zooming toward the flying demon beasts.

The flying demon beasts plunged into chaos after the golden dragon joined the battle, while Jared took
the opportunity and charged straight toward the Blazing Tiger.

Upon seeing that, the Blazing Tiger leaped aside and dodged Jared's attack.

However, it merely evaded him and did not seem to want to engage in battle with him.

Just when Jared and the others were engaged in a gruesome battle with the demon beasts, Chester
flew into a rage at the Gate of Fire's secret realm.

"This is outrageous! How can they bring Mr.Chance to the demon beast secret realm and even get him
involved in a demon beast attack? If anything happens to Mr.Chance, I won't spare any of you!"

Chester gathered all of his people and chided them loudly.He then prepared to head over to the demon
beast secret realm to save Jared and the rest.

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