A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2254 Warning

Yona's eyes revealed a tinge of fear as he spoke.

"That old monster is the most powerful being I've ever encountered.I was probably the one person who
ever escaped successfully, and that was over a decade ago..."

The man was once targeted by all the sects in the hidden realm, and the entire Scorching Heaven Sect
was on the verge of eradication.

With no place else to go, he set his sights on the sea, hoping to find a foothold there.He took hundreds
of followers and set sail, planning to find a deserted island to establish their own base.However, they
encountered demon beasts on the sea, barely managing to escape alive.

They eventually stumbled upon a small island, only to be met by a strange old man who attacked them
with lethal force.His moves were fierce and deadly, and Yona's men fell one by one until there were
none left.

Yona, however, took advantage of the chaos and jumped into the sea, saving his own life.

Over a decade had passed, but Yona still vividly remembered the encounter.Hence, he was afraid to
venture into the sea.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Sonyx were sailing on the sea.

When they saw the sea area littered with demon beast corpses and the water stained red, they knew a
fierce battle had just occurred.

"Jared must be nearby.These demon beasts were killed not long ago.Quick, let's pursue him!"

Tucker ordered his men to speed up the ship.

Sonyx followed suit, commanding his men to increase their speed forward.

Roar! Suddenly, aloud roar echoed throughout the sea, like thunder shaking the entire ocean! Upon
hearing this, Tucker and Sonyx were momentarily stunned.They knew they had encountered a demon

Despite the situation, fear was the last thing on their minds.

In fact, they were ecstatic, for the demon beast's inner core held immense value.

At the same time, Jared and his companions were relishing the roasted meat and heard the thunderous

Yashur's face contorted into a grim expression, and his eyes shone with a fierce glint.

"Who dares to enter this area and court death?"

Jared recognized the roar as a warning signal from the demon beasts.It meant that someone had
trespassed.He also surmised that the intruders were likely after him.However, he wasn't sure which
sect they belonged to.

"These people must be here to hunt me down," Jared remarked coolly.

Yashur's murderous intent grew stronger when he heard that.

"They dare to hurt Mr.Chance? I shall go and kill them now," he declared.

As he rose to his feet, Yashur was halted in his tracks by Jared.

"Hold on, Yashur.Let me see who dares to pursue me.If lam defeated, then you may intervene," Jared

He decided to take on his pursuers alone, and should he be overpowered, he would have Yashur's
help to defeat them.Now that he had Yashur's support, Jared no longer feared any of the sects from the
hidden realm.Yashur nodded in agreement.

"All right.Please send me a signal if you are in danger, Mr.Chance."

After reaching an agreement, Jared headed toward the coast to summon the demonic beasts using the
method Yashur taught him.

Mounting a tiger whale beast, he quickly made his way to the source of the deafening roar.

Meanwhile, Tucker and Sonyx were engaged in a dispute over the spoils of a slain demonic beast.

"Sonyx, I was the one who killed this beast.Therefore, the beast core should belong to me," argued

"The beast would have escaped if I didn't injure it.You attacked me when I wasn't paying attention,"
Sonyx retorted solemnly.

As the two groups argued over the possession of the beast core, tensions mounted, and it seemed like
a fight was about to break out.

Suddenly, a massive wave appeared in the distance, rapidly approaching the shore.

As Tucker and Sonyx turned their attention toward the disturbance, they saw numerous massive
demon beasts swimming under the water.Their colossal frames caused the waves to surge and crash
toward the shore.

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