A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1468

Chapter 1467 Be Mindful

Hearing Skylar’s words, Zion gave a pleased nod. After all, the Warriors Alliance would grow stronger if
more martial arts families were to join it.

However, Ryker remained hesitant. The beast cores were part of the Deragons’ resources. That was
why he felt reluctant to give them to the Warriors Alliance for recruitment.

“Mr. Norton, what if the sects and families refuse to join us despite the benefits provided?” Ryker

Skylar’s lips curved into a sneer. “If they are not going to do this the easy way, we’ll have to do it the
hard way. Those who refuse to join the Warriors Alliance will be…”

He made a sweeping motion across his neck that shocked Ryker and Zion.

Does he want to kill those who refuse to join the Warriors Alliance? Isn’t that forcing them against their
own will?

“Skylar, that is a good idea, but did you forget about Mr. Sanders in Jadeborough?” Zion reminded him.

“President Zeigler, I don’t think Mr. Sanders can stop us from recruiting members in a perfectly normal
way, can he? Leave those stubborn sects and families to me. I shall handle them in secret so that Mr.
Sanders won’t find out about anything. Without evidence, he can’t force the Warriors Alliance to
disband, right?” Skylar replied with an icy snort.

Hearing that, Zion pondered for a brief moment before nodding in agreement. He rose to his feet and
patted Skylar’s shoulder. “I shall leave the matter in your hands. You’ll receive the biggest credit if the
Warriors Alliance grows bigger.”

Skylar bobbed his head and turned to Ryker. “Mr. Deragon, please send your men to deliver the
resources to us.”

Ryker had no choice but to agree. “Okay. I’ll do that.”

After Ryker got up and left, Zion turned to Skylar. “Skylar, you must be careful. Don’t cause trouble.”

Zion was still the president and had barely managed to secure his position. He neither wanted anything
wrong to happen nor to assume responsibility for the trouble that might arise.

“Don’t worry, President Zeigler!” Skylar assured him confidently.

Zion nodded and went to the back to get some rest. A sinister smile flitted across Skylar’s lips as he
watched Zion leave.

The atmosphere was heavy back in Jadeborough’s Department of Justice.

Everyone was silent as Mr. Sanders sat in the main seat. He was puffing on a cigarette with his brows
furrowed up.

Beside him, Xavier didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. He had worked for Mr. Sanders for years, but this
was the first time he saw Mr. Sanders acting this way.

Theodore was trembling slightly. He might have worked for Mr. Sanders for a while, but he couldn’t help
but grow nervous every time he had to meet Mr. Sanders.

After finishing a cigarette, Mr. Sanders turned to Theodore slowly. “Are you sure you received accurate

“Mr. Sanders, I’m sure. Besides, I got Howard Dunn from the Dunn family to come. He’s right outside
the Department of Justice. A girl named Renee is with him. They both escaped from Dragon Island,”

Theodore responded hastily.

Hearing Renee’s name, Mr. Sanders urged, “Bring them in now!”

Without further delay, Theodore hurried out to get both Howard and Renee.

When Renee arrived, Mr. Sanders observed her so carefully that she felt fear rose in her heart.

Howard was pretty nervous to see Mr. Sanders. He quickly greeted, “Greetings, Mr. Sanders. My name
is Howard Dunn.”

“Howard, tell me everything you saw and know! Don’t miss out on any details,” Mr. Sanders

Without hesitation, Howard revealed what happened after he ran into Jared. He didn’t miss any details.

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