A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1461


Upon noticing how dire the situation was, Jared used his remaining energy to run outside. If the whole
of Bliss City crumbled, even an immortal would probably die there.

He also felt very threatened by the newly awakened merman statue.

In the dream, he saw the merman killing many expert fighters in a single attack. With how weak he was
at the moment, it was likely one breath from the merman would be enough to kill him.

“It’s been thousands of years!” The merman, finally free of its bondage, cackled, and waves of horrid
murderous aura followed. Thud! Thud! Thud!

People started spewing out blood and dying, which made the crowd panic even more as they
scrambled to escape the palace. With a wave of the merman’s hand, the palace’s door began closing

That sent the crowd into a frenzy as they stumbled over each other to leave the palace, fearing they
would die inside. Waves of murderous aura continued to reach the crowd, causing more people to
topple and die.

The merman watched the scene unfold emotionlessly as though those people were mere ants.

Thud! When the murderous aura passed through the already weakened Jared, he promptly crumpled
to the ground with an even uglier grimace.

Blood flowed out of his body unceasingly. Gritting his teeth, he mustered all his strength to stand back
up again. I can’t die here! If I die, what’ll happen to Josephine? To my mother? I still want to know who
my father is!

With great difficulty, he trudged toward the entrance. By that point, most people had already escaped
the palace and headed outside the city.

After escaping the palace, Zion stared at the slowly closing palace door with glee. He thought Jared
had failed to escape.

“Jared!” Just as Jared arrived at the entrance, right before the doors were about to close, Astrid
suddenly appeared and tried pulling him out.

Zion’s expression turned cold when he saw that. “What a nosy woman!” Without hesitation, he
unleashed a palm strike in her direction. She quickly dodged to the side and failed to grab Jared.

“Just stay inside and die, Jared!” Sneering, he punched Jared with a surge of threatening martial
energy. Jared, who had already arrived at the exit, was sent flying backward by that martial energy

At that moment, the door to the palace closed. Staring at the tightly shut door, Jared roared, “You’re a
despicable man, Zion!” Zion smirked smugly and laughed. “So what if I am? What are you going to do
about it, hmm?”


The entire Bliss City was shaking. Sensing that, Zion fled outside speedily instead of sticking around.
Astrid glanced at the palace one last time before bolting away. No one can save Jared now.

Meanwhile, Jared was lying on the ground. He didn’t even have the strength to stand up. As waves of
murderous aura were blasted on him, gruesome streaks of wounds formed on his body.

He gazed at the merman with despair, knowing that there were no more chances for him to escape.
Just as he thought he was about to be killed by the murderous aura, it abruptly disappeared.

The once arrogant merman paled and panted heavily as cold sweat coated his forehead.

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