A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1460


Edgar’s face was immediately drained of all color. Swiftly, he tried pulling his hand away but discovered
it was stuck, like a piece of metal to a magnet.

Even the spirit inside Edgar started to panic. Retreat now! This is the divine martial art! Edgar heard the
old raspy voice in his mind urge. Of course, Edgar wanted to leave too, but he couldn’t move his hand

In the distance, Zion was still smiling smugly, thinking Edgar was absorbing Jared’s power when the
opposite was happening. Edgar was sweating profusely, seemingly at a loss for what to do.

The spirit got even more anxious. Your arm! Quickly, cut off your arm! Without delay, Edgar pulled out a
sharp blade, but he couldn’t do it.

If he did, he would end up like Zion, having only one arm even though he was still so young. Just as he
hesitated, the spirit growled furiously, Do it now!

Eventually, Edgar gritted his teeth and swung his blade in the direction of Jared’s neck instead of his
own arm. He believed cutting Jared’s head off would save his life and arm.

Unfortunately for him, Jared was prepared. A cold glint flashed in the air as Jared blocked Edgar’s
attack with the Dragonslayer Sword.

Godd*mmit! The spirit inside Edgar’s body panicked and started cursing. In a split second, Edgar’s
eyes rolled back as his aura changed rapidly.

The spirit opted to control Edgar’s body directly. With immense force, he tore Edgar’s arm off. That
abrupt scene shocked the crowd. They wondered why he suddenly ripped his arm off.

Even Zion was stunned. Did Edgar go crazy?

“Quickly, kill him! Kill him now!” Edgar screeched. Upon seeing that, Zion knew something else was
going on and was the first to leap toward Jared.

“Do it! Kill Jared!” Zion howled as the others followed behind him, charging toward Jared.

While Jared might’ve absorbed some of Edgar’s energy, it was nowhere enough for him to protect
himself. There was still nothing he could do but await his death by Zion and the others’ assault.

None of them realized the merman statue on the throne had shattered, revealing its true form.

Moreover, the arcane array around the throne shook violently.


Suddenly, the whole palace began to tremble and rumble.

Following a shattering sound, a ghastly aura enveloped the entire palace.

Everyone was stunned, overwhelmed by the sudden change, as they had no idea what was happening.

“Quickly, look!” It was then someone exclaimed in fear.

Everyone turned around and was shocked to see what was going on.

The merman statue on the throne had come to life, while the arcane array around the throne thundered
before splintering apart.

What they saw next was the merman stretching lazily with an excited expression in front of the crowd.

Fear flashed past Zion’s face as he warned, “Everyone, be careful!”

The crowd stared at the merman cautiously, as they had no idea what was going on with that merman.


The palace shook violently again as though it was about to collapse.

Clumps of dirt began falling from above as though a massive quake was occurring above them.

“We need to get out of here! The palace is about to collapse!” Edgar frowned while rushing toward the
palace’s exit.

After processing the situation, the others also sprinted outside. None of them gave a heck about
Jared’s survival at such a time.

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