A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1453

Too Punishing

The moment Jared saw the attack, he roared, “Renee!” Then, he tried pushing her away because he
knew it was impossible for her, a Martial Arts Grandmaster, to withstand a kick from Zion.

However, it was too late. Zion’s swift kick landed squarely on her chest. He was stunned, too. Why is
there suddenly a woman here?

Boom! A flash occurred as Renee’s body was launched backward. She violently crashed into the
throne, which then caused the arcane array on the throne to blast her away.

When she landed on the ground, her face was as pale as a ghost, her expression twisted with agony.
With a leap, Jared landed next to Renee and lifted her. “Are you all right, Renee?”

Swiftly, he checked her pulse to examine her condition. “I’m fine, Jared. It’s just a slight pain…” she
mumbled with a weak smile.

After Jared’s checkup concluded, he realized Renee’s life wasn’t in any danger. Undoubtedly, she only
suffered minor injuries, which perplexed him. Zion is a Martial Arts Marquis. That kick would’ve inflicted
severe damage even to another fellow Martial Arts Marquis, much less a Martial Arts Grandmaster. Yet,
Renee’s mostly fine. What’s going on here?

Suddenly, he recalled something. Of course! The white armor that was absorbed into Renee’s body!
That thing must have saved her life. Incredible! Even though the armor is thousands of years old, it
remains indestructible!

Crack! Crack!

Faint cracking sounds were heard as the fractures on the merman statue grew bigger.

Additionally, the arcane array on the throne had started to weaken, but no one took notice of it.

“I didn’t expect someone would suddenly appear to rescue you in a pinch. Unfortunately for you, she
won’t be saving you again. No more miracles, Jared. It’s time to meet your end,” Zion sneered as he

A grim expression settled on Jared’s face. At that moment, he was out of spiritual energy. He had no
chance of winning against Zion and the others since he was powerless.

Am I really going to die here today? That bitter thought crossed his mind as he scanned his

“I think you should let me kill him, President Zeigler.” Edgar stepped forward.

Glancing at Edgar, Zion understood what he was trying to say. Edgar wanted to absorb Jared’s mighty
power and make it his own.

Thus, Zion nodded and stepped back, granting Edgar’s wish.

Wearing a cold expression, Edgar arrived in front of Jared with a grin. “All your abilities will soon be
mine, Jared. I want you to watch yourself as you slowly turn into a mummy.”

No sooner had he spoken than he thrust his hand in the direction of Jared’s head, intending to suck
Jared’s power.

A violent look flashed past Jared’s eyes as he heard the man. Then, gritting his teeth, he pulled out the
Nascent Soul Diego had given him and swallowed it.


In an instant, his spiritual energy exploded outward and refilled his depleted elixir field.

The aura around him soon began to rage.

Edgar’s expression slightly shifted as he withdrew his hand reflexively and retreated backward by three

Despite recovering his spiritual energy, Jared grimaced.

If absorbed slowly during cultivation, that Nascent Soul could’ve elevated him to a higher cultivation

While the Nascent Soul helped replenish his spiritual energy, doing that greatly diminished the Nascent
Soul’s effect, a drawback he believed was too punishing for its usage.

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