A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1444


Howard looked at Astrid. He was confused about the reason she said that. After all, her current power
was unfathomable and immense as well.

Seeing that Howard didn’t understand what she meant at all, Astrid stopped speaking. She took a few
quick steps forward and put some distance between herself and Howard.

“Ms. Gunderson…”

Howard ran in pursuit. Regardless of what Astrid meant, it was great that she spoke up to remind him.
Hence, he wanted to get closer to her. That way, he would have someone to take care of him during
the Trial.

Besides, Astrid was technically a goddess in Howard’s heart. Thus, it was always a good thing if he
could be close to his goddess.

“What’s the matter?” Astrid asked as she turned around to face Howard.

“Ms. Gunderson, thank you for your concern and reminder. However, if there’s a chance, I’ll still kill
Edgar,” Howard thanked Astrid with a grateful expression.

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m not concerned about you. I just don’t want Edgar’s strength to grow
too rapidly. If you insist on killing him, I have no say in the matter. Edgar will surely accept the meat
delivered right to his mouth.”

With that, Astrid no longer paid attention to Howard.

Meanwhile, Howard was dumbfounded. What does Edgar’s increase in strength have to do with me
killing him?

Actually, Astrid had already realized the fact that Edgar could absorb someone else’s power.

However, she didn’t tell others, as Edgar would only attack the members of insignificant sects. To them,
those people were at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Edgar didn’t kill Howard out of fear for the Dunn family. After all, the Dunn family was considered a
prestigious family in Jadeborough’s martial arts world.

Yet, if Howard really wanted to kill Edgar, Astrid knew Edgar would never show mercy.

When the time came, Edgar’s power would certainly improve rapidly if he had absorbed Howard’s

These were what Howard didn’t know about.

But Howard’s intention to kill Edgar remained unshaken. He must avenge Jared.

After walking for more than an hour, the crowd finally arrived at the bottom of a mountain.

Although it wasn’t a tall mountain, it emitted a stately aura.

The Trial would be held at a cave in the mountain.

The cave’s entrance wasn’t huge, but there was a biting chill that came from the cave.

“Edgar, what exactly is this place? Did the Deragon family investigate it before? It better not be a mere
shabby cave that’ll waste all of our time…” Someone glanced at the cave and questioned Edgar.

“This cave leads to the ancient ruins. Besides, there are magical items scattered all around the ancient
ruins. Yet, it depends on your fate whether you can get the magical items,” Edgar said to the crowd.

“Since you know there are magical items inside, why didn’t the Deragon family get them in advance?
Instead, you suggested this Trial to benefit us?” Someone expressed their doubts again.

If there are rare treasures in there, why didn’t the Deragon family claim those magical items as their

Edgar replied, “Honestly, the cave’s internal structure is complicated, and it’s filled with danger. It’ll be a
hard task to find the ancient ruins! If you’re skeptical, you may choose to quit. I won’t stop you. If you
believe in the Deragon family, you may enter the cave with me.”

With that, Edgar took the lead and entered the cave.

Subsequently, Zion entered while leading Salvador and the others. Soon after, Astrid and Howard went
in as well.

Seeing that, everyone else followed along and entered the cave slowly.

Everyone increased their mental energy to the highest and was extremely cautious.

Moreover, Edgar led the team and unleashed his martial energy to wrap around his body tightly,
preventing any accidents from happening.

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