A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1443

Feeling Uneasy

Edgar didn’t know what was beyond the Martial Arts Saint rank. However, what he realized was that the
spirit within him definitely knew many secrets of the martial arts world.

“Will I be invincible if I achieve the Martial Arts Saint cultivation level? By that time, will I be able to
reconstruct a mortal body for you and resurrect you so that your spirit doesn’t need to remain within my
body anymore?” Edgar asked.

Edgar wanted to know when the spirit within him could leave his body.

He didn’t want to be under someone else’s control when he had gained enough power.

“Hahaha! Everything you know now is just a small fraction of the bigger picture. The Martial Arts Saint
is a legend in this era. However, it meant nothing in the past millennia, as there were higher cultivation
levels beyond the Martial Arts Saint rank. It’s useless even if I tell you more right now. You just have to
digest the power you’ve absorbed and become a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis as soon as possible.
We might never return to that era back then…” said the spirit.

The old voice became fainter as the tone became sadder. It was as if the spirit had thought of
something he didn’t wish to recall.

Meanwhile, Zion, who had been standing by the coast all this while, furrowed his brows tightly.

His sight had never left the sea’s surface as he kept hoping to see Jared’s corpse.

Yet, a long time had passed. If Jared were dead, his corpse would definitely float up.

Just then, Edgar walked over and asked Zion, “President Zeigler, are you worried that Jared is still

Zion nodded in response. “I feel uneasy because I haven’t seen Jared’s corpse!”

“Don’t worry. Jared is definitely dead. Maybe his body has been devoured by a demon beast. I think we
shouldn’t waste our time here…” Edgar told Zion.

Zion turned around and looked at Edgar. “You have just absorbed so many people’s power, yet you’re
already so impatient?”

Edgar was slightly stunned. But soon, he laughed and said, “They’re just someone from smaller sects,
and no one would look into the matter even if they were dead. I didn’t lay my fingers on anyone from
prominent sects in the Warriors Alliance.”

It was true that Edgar didn’t dare attack anyone from the big sects. If not, it would be difficult for him to
provide an explanation. Death was inevitable in a Trial, but if the members of powerful sects were
found dead, those sects wouldn’t care about rules anymore.

“You better control yourself. Not everyone is a fool. I’m afraid someone already has their eyes on you,”
Zion warned Edgar.

“Don’t worry, President Zeigler. I know what to do!” Edgar smiled lightly.

Zion said nothing else. Instead, he glanced at the sea’s surface again before turning around and

Meanwhile, Edgar gathered everyone and prepared to set off to the heart of Dragon Island. After all,
the actual location of the Trial was there.

On the way to their destination, many who killed demon beasts and obtained beast cores were chatting

Those who didn’t get a beast core were daydreaming about the potential treasures at the Trial’s

Only Howard had a dimmed gaze while following behind the crowd. He didn’t wish to get any magical
items, and he had his eyes fixated on Edgar’s back.

Although Howard wasn’t as powerful as Edgar, he must endure humiliation in order to carry out a
greater cause. He must find an opportunity to kill Edgar during the Trial and avenge Jared.

Just when Howard was staring at Edgar’s back, Astrid suddenly walked to Howard’s side and said,
“You won’t be able to kill Edgar. If you have the intention to murder him, you’ll be the first to die.”

Howard was stunned momentarily before saying, “I can kill him when he isn’t prepared during the Trial.
Jared can’t just die in vain…”

Astrid smiled faintly. “You won’t be able to kill him even when he’s asleep. Even if it’s me and not you, I
can’t kill Edgar…”

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