A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1416

Deserve To Die

Still, Philip did not want Astrid to look down on him. Jared narrowed his eyes. Then he bent down and
picked Philip up. “There you go. You’re on your feet now. Go ahead and kill me now,” Jared uttered

Philip was beside himself with rage. I’m just trying to act tough, yet he really helped me to get up from
the floor. However, he had no other option but to continue putting up that pretense at that point.

Philip raised his left arm and swung his fist at Jared. Jared caught his wrist and merely exerted a little
force to break Philips’s left arm too. After that, he slapped Philip’s face.

Philip’s face became swollen instantaneously, and a few of his teeth were knocked out of their sockets.
Face reddened, he bellowed, “Jared, f*ck—”


Before he could finish his sentence, Jared slapped him again.

A series of whams and thuds ensued as Jared beat up the defenseless Philip.

The gruesome scene sent a shiver down everyone’s spine.

“Trying to use me as a way for you to impress a girl is the biggest mistake you’ve made in your whole
life. Go to hell.”

With that, Jared thrust his palm at Philip’s head.

Seeing that, Astrid, standing at one side, hurriedly waved her hand to cast out a wave of martial energy
at Jared to stop him from launching the attack.

As Jared slackened his grip, Philip fell to the ground like a tattered doll.

His eyes gleamed with excitement because he saw Astrid saving him.

He reckoned she must have rescued him because she cared about him.

At that instant, Philip felt all the beating he had endured thus far was worth it.

“Why do you need to kill him when you’ve already punished him to this extent?” Astrid asked Jared.

“He tried to harm me with a fatal move earlier. I’d have been dead if I hadn’t avoided his assault. Why
didn’t you stop him just now, then? Don’t you find yourself comical, trying to act like a saint now? I’ll
repeat myself. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Anyone who dares to offend me
shall pay the price with their life. There are no grudges between us, yet he tried to do away with me, so
he deserves to die. If you want to stop me from ending his life, I don’t mind killing you either.”

Jared wore a poker face, the murderous intent enveloping his body intensifying continuously.


Astrid’s face turned crimson in anger the next second, as she did not expect to Jared to speak to her in
that manner.

Others were also astonished, as none of them had expected him to have the guts to threaten Astrid.

Suddenly, Jared booted Philip, smashing the latter’s head like a watermelon with a kick before Philip
could even yelp for help.

Astrid scowled at the sight of Philip’s horrible death scene.

All the onlookers’ hearts shuddered, too, when they witnessed the scene. Many people who had
thought of challenging Jared to garner fame and glory immediately gave up on that idea.

The crowd figured Philip probably had never expected himself to lose his life for being a simp.

“Who’s the daredevil who dared to stir a commotion and murder someone during the Trial organized by
the Deragon family?”

At that moment, a cold voice sounded from afar. Shortly afterward, a figure gradually descended from
the sky.

The newcomer was none other than the eldest son of the Deragon family, Edgar.

Following Edgar’s advent, Ryker, leading a group of the Deragon family’s elite subordinates, arrived as

The crowd hurriedly stepped aside to make room for Edgar and the others upon seeing their arrival. All
the onlookers were eager to see how the Deragon family would deal with that matter.

After all, everyone knew of the grudge between Jared and Edgar, so they wondered if a fight would
break out between the two then and there.

Edgar glanced at Philip, who had suffered a tragic death, before shifting his gaze to Jared. “Jared, how
dare you murder someone during the Trial hosted by the Deragon family? Don’t you think you’re being
too disrespectful to my family? You shouldn’t be killing random people just because you have the
support of Mr. Sanders.”

Jared slightly screwed up his eyes as he regarded Edgar with his gleaming, piercing gaze as if he was
trying to see through the latter.

Edgar appeared a little ill at ease when he sensed the way Jared was looking at him.

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