A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1360


Both fists appeared very fierce and dominating, as though they could destroy any obstacles, even if
there were a mountain blocking their way.

“Not bad! No wonder you could kill David. I knew иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σмyou had some tricks up your sleeve!”
Tobias was slightly surprised, but only just a little. He still didn’t regard Jared as a threat.

As he spoke, he stretched his palms out and used his bare hands to take on Jared’s giant fists. A white
light started glowing in his palms.

Boom! Two earth-shattering explosions were heard. Suddenly, a small mountain nearby collapsed.
“Take this!” Tobias’ indifferent voice was heard before a palm strike from him was sent flying toward his


The moment he unleashed that attack, both the wind and clouds moved.

It traveled toward Jared with the staggering force of a tsunami.

That palm contained an unlimited amount of terrifying energy. Ordinary martial artists would’ve turned
to dust upon impact.

Jared felt threatened by that, too.

His expression turned grave.

He roared with rage as his hands exploded into action, forming hand seals faster than the naked eye
could follow.

In a blink of an eye, he gestured thirty-six hand seals to form a shield in front of him.

The golden dragon that was hovering in the air radiated with golden light.

After releasing a roar, it flew toward Tobias.


The light intensified before the golden dragon erupted with an incomparably dense white light.

Its spiritual energy was also pushed to the extreme.

A series of dragon roars were heard.

However, the golden dragon’s attack иσνєℓєвσσк.¢σ.м also consumed Jared’s spiritual energy. In an
instant, half of his spiritual energy was depleted.

“Kill!” he screamed furiously.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three frightening explosions were heard.

The golden dragon’s body smashed into Tobias, instantly blocking his startlingly powerful attack.

However, the golden dragon also disappeared into bits of golden light after the assault.

While Tobias’ attack was weakened by the golden dragon’s intervention, it still had enough power to fly
straight toward his opponent.


A fourth explosion was heard. Despite that иσνєℓєв.σσк.¢σм, Jared remained unmoved. His newly
manifested shield negated the attack completely.

“Seems like I’ve underestimated you, brat! Although, I’m curious if you can take on a couple more
attacks from me!” As Tobias spoke, he prepared his second assault.

Jared’s expression changed. The golden dragon attack he unleashed earlier almost drained all the
spiritual energy in his body. It would be a difficult task if he had to defend himself against Tobias’ attack

Upon biting the tip of his tongue, a drop of blood dripped out of his mouth. Then he spat out a blood

The blood mist was swiftly absorbed by Jared’s body.

In an instant, his aura became incredibly powerful. The blood in his body burned intensely.

“Slash!” With an angry roar, he summoned the Dragonslayer Sword.

Its fiery brilliance shot through the sky and illuminated the land.

Following that, the sword energy it produced slashed toward the gust of wind created by Tobias’ palm


The attack was split in half.

However, the sword energy continued traveling toward Tobias at full speed.

“I can’t believe you’re actually burning your blood essence. It seems like I can’t let you leave alive
today!” Tobias’ expression changed lightly.

With a spin of his hand, a sharp sword abruptly appeared.

The sharp blade gleamed with cold light. Even at a glance, anyone could tell it was a powerful magic

In that instant, he stabbed the sword forward.

His sword moved slowly but heavily, as though the thing he was holding was a heavy mountain instead
of a blade.


A soft sound was heard.

As though the world was slowing down, Jared иσνєℓ-євσσк.¢σм saw Tobias’ sword energy clashing
against the sword energy from Dragonslayer Sword.

His expression changed drastically because he didn’t expect his opponent to block that attack so
easily. Tobias is too powerful!