A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1337


“But Mr. Sanders still has Jared’s back, right? Where did the Warriors Alliance find the courage to make
such a public announcement?”

“God knows. Maybe Mr. Sanders has given up on Jared. I guess Jared is doomed.”

“Now that the Warriors Alliance has made this announcement, I’d love to see if any sects or families
dare to take Jared in. Can’t wait to see how the drama unfolds!”

Jared instantly became the talk of the town, yet he himself was not aware of it. After escaping from
Jadeborough, he traveled south all the way and went straight to Crimson Palace.

At that point, Jared still had no idea that another person was also heading in Crimson Palace’s
direction, and this person might even arrive earlier than him.

As Jared was traveling, he could not help but think of Josephine, as he missed her very much.

In a world where a person’s capability was more important than anything else, Jared was still unhappy
with his growth even though the other warriors were astonished by his progress.

For the first time in his life, Jared finally realized how unpredictable the martial arts world was.

Be it the Warriors Alliance or sects in the martial arts world, the warriors or organizations seemed to be
controlled by an invisible force.

Jared walked to a tree and took a break. He looked up at the vast sky and retreated into his
imagination. Will I be able to reach heaven if I become an immortal?

While countless thoughts were racing through his mind, Jared felt an intimidating aura approaching

His expression turned grim instantly as he began to feel the pressure. These men have at least
achieved the Martial Arts Marquis status.

“These guys must be from the Warriors Alliance. How did they find me so quickly?” Jared could not
understand how they managed to track him down although he had fled quite some time ago.

Before he could process his thoughts, he got up and left in haste.

Zion and his men rushed over shortly after Jared left.

He stood where Jared had rested earlier, stared at the tree Jared had leaned on, and snorted. “He
should count himself lucky since he managed to get away. Well, let’s continue with the hunt, then.”

After letting out another snort, Zion continued to hunt Jared down with his men.

As Jared was running, he could not help but wonder how people from the Warriors Alliance managed
to find him. How on earth did they locate me? I’ve been on the run for quite some time now, so they
shouldn’t have detected my aura.

Right then, Jared sensed the strong aura from a distance. “Again?”

He knitted his brows and picked up his pace.

Jared wished he could use Necro Ring to escape, but he could not do so because he was not allowed
to use it frequently.

Zion and his men continued with the chase. He dared not put his guard down because he knew one of
them would die for sure.

Jared still had no idea why the people from the Warriors Alliance refused to give up. “D*mn it! What’s
wrong with these crazy people? Why are they still coming at me?”

Jared had no choice but to hide his aura and activate his spiritual sense to detect the danger around

Seeing that no one was getting in his way, Jared held his aura back and changed his path. Let’s see if
they can still keep up with me!

Upon noticing Jared had changed his route, Zion knitted his brows and tried to detect the former’s

His frown deepened when the realization dawned on him. He cussed, “D*mn it! He has hidden his

He then fished out another tracking talisman from his pocket.