A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1335


Jared’s words caused Zion to turn pale with anger. “Stop pretending, Jared. Even if I didn’t manage to
claim your life in a single strike, I don’t believe you can withstand another.”

As Zion spoke, he raised his weapon, ready to deliver a devastating blow. Suddenly, Jared gazed
behind his opponent in surprise. “When did you return, Mr. Sanders?”

Zion froze and spun around instinctively. Jared seized the opportunity and swiftly produced the Necro
Ring and threw it in the air. A black hole appeared immediately.

“Wait for me, Zion, and your Warriors Alliance. I will be back sooner or later.”

With that, Jared disappeared into the black hole.

Zion was livid upon finding out he had been tricked. “F*ck you shameless piece of sh*t! How dare he
trick me?”

“Give chase and hunt him down!” Zion roared. “The teleportation device won’t bring him very far.
Report any word on Jared back to me immediately.”

Members of the Warriors Alliance hurriedly dispersed to commence their search.

Zion then turned his gaze upon Ryker, who had been as still as a statue and did not move despite
receiving his orders. It appeared he was not going to search for Jared.

“Don’t forget that the Deragons are members of the Warriors Alliance, Mr. Ryker. Your son, Edgar, was
wounded by Jared, was he not? Don’t you want to kill Jared?”

“Jared is a small fish, President Zeigler. There is no need for me to make a move, as he won’t be able
to escape with you on his tail. Excuse me. I have matters to attend to at home.”

Without another word, Ryker turned and left.

Zion was angry at Ryker’s attitude. He had a vague sense that Ryker seemed to be in cahoots with

Jared traversed through the Necro Ring and immediately left Jadeborough. He planned to head for
Crimson Palace to discover the secrets of its cave and undergo solitary cultivation to increase his
strength while he was at it.

As his level increased, Jared realized that the spiritual energy he required also increased. His progress
in increasing his power began to grow challenging.

It was fortunate that Josephine was not in mortal danger, as it allowed him time to cultivate.

Jared headed south upon leaving Jadeborough while the Warriors Alliance combed the area and found
neither hide nor hair of him.

Zion was aware that he was going to suffer for it if he allowed Jared to escape.

The high-ranking officials of the Warriors Alliance, especially Tanner, would not forgive him.

“All of you are useless!” Zion bellowed with all his might, his face purple with rage.

After he caught his breath from venting, Zion knew that he still had to locate Jared and kill him,
notwithstanding his anger, or he would be unable to keep his life.

Zion glanced at the token he produced from his pocket and slipped it back before leading the Warriors
Alliance out of Jadeborough to the impoverished area on the outskirts of the city.

It was the place that laborers called home. They lived in squat buildings in a poor environment with
nauseating scents at every corner.

There were many small-time merchants along the street who greeted Zion upon seeing his exquisite

With a scowl still on his face, Zion did not even look at them. He marched briskly until he arrived at an
alley leading to a dead end.

It was a house so shabby that it failed to function as a shelter.

A disheveled and dirty old man lay within, smoking tobacco with his eyes closed as if at rest.

Everything in the room was on a table, where several books and a few copper coins lay.