A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1321

Detailed Information

“Josephine…” Jared’s eyes were filled with agony and reluctance as he stared at her. “Go now! Hurry!”
Josephine pleaded with him desperately.

“Rest assured that I’ll come back for you, Josephine! I promise!” Jared muttered through clenched teeth
when he felt the hostile auras getting closer. He then tossed the Necro Ring into the air and jumped
into the black hole that formed in its place.

Josephine breathed a huge sigh of relief when she saw Jared enter the black hole, which vanished
seconds later. Zion and his men arrived right after Jared disappeared. The look on his face turned
extremely gloomy when he sensed the residual aura in the air.

“Hmph! That kid managed to slip away! I’ll kill him for sure if I see him again!”

Zion then turned toward Josephine as he continued, “You be a good girl and stay right here. It’s
impossible for you to escape this place, so don’t even think about it!”

Josephine simply glared coldly at him without saying a word. She knew full well that Jared would get
her out of there and destroy the Warriors Alliance one day.

Jared wasn’t the kind of guy who would hurt others for no reason. If threatened, however, he would go
as far as killing their entire family.

Little did they know, he was still standing in the alley next to the Warriors Alliance building at that

It wasn’t until he heard a noise nearby that he took off in a hurry.

Zion came rushing over shortly after Jared left.

“President Zeigler, Jared has just left the area. He most likely entered the dungeon using a
teleportation device…” said one of his men after searching the place.

“Have someone strengthen the security around the dungeon. Make it so that he won’t be able to enter
using teleportation devices again!” Zion ordered with a grim expression.

“Understood!” the man replied and ran off to carry out his task.

The look on Zion’s face was as cold as ice when he returned to the main lobby of the Warriors Alliance

Tanner has spoken up, which means I don’t have much time left…

On his desk was a document hundreds of pages thick, each page containing detailed information on

Zion never bothered to look Jared up before as he couldn’t care less about him.

However, things had changed, and he needed to fully understand Jared to know exactly what he was
dealing with.

Zion was going through Jared’s file when representatives from various sects entered his office, one
after another.

He had specifically sent people to gather these men here, and Ryker was one of them.

Zion had asked them here for one purpose only—to work together and get rid of Jared as quickly as

He waited for them to all be seated before saying, “Everyone, I have summoned you all today to
discuss how we will work together to get rid of Jared. That b*stard is ridiculously sneaky and always

manages to slip through my fingers. This document contains detailed information on him. Go ahead
and have a look…”

Zion then waved at his subordinate, prompting him to hand out copies of that document to everyone.

Everyone else was carefully reading through its contents, but Ryker merely skimmed through it once as
he had already researched Jared many times.

About ten minutes later, one of them asked with a confused frown, “President Zeigler, don’t you find
Jared’s life to be really strange? He was an average Joe all along but turned into a completely different
person after he was released from prison.”

“Yeah, I noticed that as well. He also managed to become a Martial Arts Marquis in just a few months!
That’s a little ridiculous, don’t you think?” someone else chimed in.

“This guy’s progress is way too fast! Even the most talented of individuals can’t level up that quickly!
Jared must have some kind of secret method.”

“I know, right? Even the most gifted martial artist wouldn’t be able to pull off such a crazy feat! Maybe
Jared received guidance from someone powerful?”

Soon, everyone began sharing their thoughts on the matter.