A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1224

To Gain A Reputation

After all, the cymbal contained the power of a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis. Even though it was just a
shred of it, it was not something a Martial Arts Grandmaster would be able to withstand.

Just as everyone was watching the cymbal with wide eyes, an ear-shattering noise sounded out.

The cymbal cracked open, and Jared ambled out of it.

There was a ball of golden light twinkling in Jared’s chest.

At the same time, the people could see a dragon twirling around Jared.

No part of Jared had been spared from the persistent attacks earlier.

“H-How can this be?”

Skylar could not believe his eyes.

The others were equally astounded as they quickly took steps back.

The power of a Top Level Martial Arts Marquis could not kill Jared, so what could they possibly do?

Jared stared at Skylar with reddened eyes. Even though he was marred from head to toe, and even
though his aura had been diminished, the murderous intent he exuded was still as intense as ever.

“The draconic essence is truly a marvelous thing. It can actually defend against the power of a Top
Level Martial Arts Marquis. Although you’re still alive, you have no way of defending yourself at all. I

could kill you with just a finger! Gentlemen, fear not! Look at how he is right now. What is there to fear
about him?” Skylar said to the people.

Indeed, Jared was covered with wounds, and he was swaying on his feet. It seemed that even a gentle
breeze could topple him over.

The people regained their confidence at that, and they stood behind Skylar once again.

“Jared’s at his limits! I’ll be the one to end him!” cried out a head of a prestigious family as he darted
toward Jared.

What the head of that family thought was that it was the perfect chance for him to establish a reputation
by killing Jared.

After all, Jared was already on the verge of death, and he would certainly die from just one hit.

It was a chance he did not want to let slip him by.

That man leaped into the air and slammed a palm at Jared.

Jared watched him the entire time. All of a sudden, an icy glint flashed past his eyes, and the faint
golden dragon encircling him abruptly turned visible.

Then, a dragon’s roar reverberated in the space, and the golden dragon shot up into the sky before
slamming itself against Jared’s attacker.

There was no dramatic explosion or thunderous noise.

It was as though the dragon had gone past the attacker’s body.

In the next second, the man fell from the sky.

Blood jetted out everywhere, and even his organs came out.

It was a tragic death for that man.

Meanwhile, the golden dragon around Jared turned faint again and slowly disappeared.

The aura Jared exuded wilted as well.

In fact, Jared had to keep himself upright by plunging the Dragonslayer Sword into the ground and
leaning against it.

However, despite his weak appearance, no one dared to attack him again.

After all, the result of the first attacker’s attempt was still right in front of them.

No one dared to take the risk.

For a moment, both parties were in a silent stalemate.

Skylar looked at Jared grimly with greedy eyes.

Everything Jared had, regardless of whether it was Pentacarna Tower or the draconic essence in him,
was a piece of rare treasure.

Getting any one of them would allow him to become powerful in a short period of time.

Although Skylar did not dare to risk his own life to test whether Jared was almost dead or not, a thought
of a candidate popped into his head.

He waved his hand to summon one of his servants before whispering something into the servant’s ear.

After that, the servant hurried away.

Not long after, the servant returned with someone behind him.

It was none other than the head of the Dunn family, Lachlan Dunn.

A look of surprise crossed Lachlan’s face when he saw the terrible scene and Jared’s half-dead state.

Jared, too, frowned when he saw Lachlan.

He still did not know that Lachlan had pledged loyalty to the Norton family.