A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1221


There were so many people up against Jared. Even a man made of steel would turn to ashes.

Yet, although Jared had sustained wounds, those wounds were not fatal.

In other words, one could only imagine how alarmingly strong Jared was.

“Gentlemen, we can’t let Jared frighten us. Stand your ground for a little longer, and this boy will surely

Skylar could see that the people were starting to have thoughts of retreating. He tightened his grip on
his sword and leaped into the air.

He could not let them bear the thoughts of drawing back.

If someone were to flee at a time like this, the defensive formation they had formed would certainly

That was the same reason why the Rowling family had failed to decimate the Village of Villains despite
bringing the martial artists of Marsingfill along.

Skylar did not want something like that to happen to him.

His attack lifted the spirits of the others.

Without pausing, they all launched their greatest attacks at Jared.

Jared was like the god of war with no sense of self-preservation, given how he had the Dragonslayer
Sword in his hand and how he was drenched in blood.

Every swing of his sword took away one of the sect leaders’ lives.

At the same time, the golden scales on Jared’s body were all gone.

When the Golem Body shattered, Jared knew that he was not going to be able to use it for a period of

All he could do was to take the hits with his flesh body, but still, he clung to life.

Welts and bloody holes littered all over Jared’s body. There was no inch of his skin that had been

Nevertheless, Jared was still fighting without regard for his safety.

He only had one thought in his mind, and that was to kill.

Finally, everyone’s spirits were gone, and they all wanted to escape.

After all, none could guess whose life Jared was going to take next with his sword.

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

The murderous intent and explosive aura that Jared had made the people afraid.

They had never come across someone like him before.

There were so many people raining blows on one person, and a Martial Arts Marquis would not have
even been able to hold their ground against the endless assault, let alone a Martial Arts Grandmaster.

However, Jared, who was only a Martial Arts Grandmaster, seemed to be as mighty as a Martial Arts

“Mr. Norton, this Jared is a devil! If this goes on, I’m afraid many of us will either be hurt or dead!” one
finally pointed out.

“He’s right! Why does it seem that this guy will never die?”

“I’m about to run out of martial energy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold on any longer.”

“Mr. Norton, it’s not that we’re fleeing from cowardice, but that this man is far too insane!”

Some, who were unable to hold their ground anymore, began to cease their attacks and back away.

The more people retreated, the weaker the assault against Jared became.

Hence, he swung the Dragonslayer Sword with even more vigor.

In the end, Skylar was the only one up against Jared, while the others stood behind Skylar.

Skylar’s expression darkened at that.

He had never thought that they would be that unreliable, and he had never thought that Jared would be
far more powerful than he had expected.

Jared, who was soaked with blood from head to toe and had some of his bone exposed to the air, was
still swinging his Dragonslayer Sword. It was a fearsome sight to behold.

“Hand them over, or you die!”

Jared was squinting by then, for his blood was blurring his sight.

Still, he clenched his teeth and persisted.

Skylar’s face turned ashen. Despite the fact that Jared was grievously injured, Skylar still dared not go
up against the other man alone.

That was because he was truly stunned to his core by Jared’s actions.

Skylar was starting to regret letting the experts of the Norton family that he had gathered go.

He had thought that killing Jared would be an easy feat since so many sects and families were now
under the Norton family.

Unexpectedly, none had displayed any shred of loyalty in the face of death.

“All right. I’ll let them go. I’ll get the keys now,” said Skylar, a glint flashing in his eyes.