A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1209

A Trap

“Who are you? If you know your place, then scram now instead of risking your lives!” Gonzo yelled at
the dozens of men in black.

To his surprise, the men in black chuckled instead of running away.

“Mr. Gonzo, we’ve been waiting for you here for some time.”

“You’ve been waiting for me? Why?” Gonzo was confused.

One man laughed. “So that we can take your life!”

“The Rowling family has nothing against you. Why do you want me dead? If you’re in trouble, just let
me know and I’ll send my men to deliver you a lot of money!” Gonzo told them.

As the enemies seemed calm, he knew he had run into trouble.

The man responded, “We don’t want your money. We want you dead!”

Having said that, he charged toward Gonzo.

The other men in black promptly attacked the Rowling family’s subordinates.

Gonzo had just ended a battle but got attacked again.

Soon, most of the subordinates working for the Rowling family were either dead or injured. Gonzo was
the only one left standing and resisting their attack.

In the end, he was sent flying with a kick and crashed to the ground.

A sharp knife was placed next to his neck.

Even though Gonzo was mere moments away from dying, he remained calm instead of begging for
them to spare his life. Glaring at them, he demanded, “Who the hell are you? I want to know who wants
me dead. The Rowling family has never offended anyone in the Jadeborough martial arts world.”

Gonzo still had no idea who wanted him dead.

Could they be from the Village of Villains?

He soon brushed off that idea, for the Village of Villains had suffered a huge defeat.

They didn’t have the ability to send people after him now.

Besides, if these men were from the Village of Villains, they would not need to dress inconspicuously
and cover their faces with hoods.

“If you’re curious, I’ll tell you everything!”

Right then, a young man walked out, holding a fan in his hand.

“Mr. Norton?” Gonzo was taken aback to see Skylar here. “Mr. Norton, what is going on?”

Skylar was the reason he had come all the way here to search for Jared and gone all out against the
Village of Villains.

He couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the sight of Skylar.

“Oh, nothing. I just want to let you know that I am the one who wants you dead,” Skylar revealed with a

Gonzo stared at him incredulously. “Why? Why do you want to kill me? There isn’t any beef between
our families!”

He couldn’t understand why Skylar wanted him dead.

Skylar flashed a menacing grin. “Well, that’s because Jared wasn’t the one who killed your nephew,
Coby. It was me. I wanted to use the Rowling family to kill Jared! Alas, you are utterly useless. There is
no reason for you to live on!”

Gonzo’s eyes widened as his cheeks flushed red in anger.

He had no idea that Skylar had tricked him!

The entire Rowling family, and even the Marsingfill martial arts world, had sacrificed a lot, but it ended
up being a trap.

“Y-You’re so despicable! Have you no shame?” he said through gritted teeth as he glared at Skylar.

“Whether I am despicable or not doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is that you’re about to die!”

A smile crept up on Skylar’s lips as he ordered, “Do it!”

An icy glint swept across the air, and blood spurted out of Gonzo’s neck.

Gonzo’s eyes remained open when he breathed his last breath.

Skylar’s lips curled when he saw Gonzo’s dead body. “Let’s head to the Village of Villains.”