A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1202

Powerful Locals

When Gonzo and his men arrived, they quickly found that Oakley and his men were already at the
entrance of the Village of Villains.

Both parties looked at each other from afar, and the atmosphere around them tensed up immediately
as sparks were seemingly formed when their eyes met.

As for the bystanders, they had all found a place for themselves in the mountains at the side, all
readied for the massive fight that was bound to happen.

“Mr. Dixon, if you surrender Jared Chance to us, I might actually consider sparing all of you from the
Village of Villains!” Gonzo stepped forward and said with a grin on his face.

“Oh, come on! Just shut up, will you? You have no jurisdictions in the territory of the Village of Villains.
Besides, when you decided to invade us, have you ever thought of the saying where the locals are a
force beyond any outsiders?” Quad pointed his finger and growled at Gonzo.

“Oh? But I’m afraid that the Village of Villains can’t even be considered a powerful local.” Gonzo
sneered and cockily demanded, “I will give you two minutes to consider your choices again. If you don’t
deliver Jared to us, I will ensure that your blood will be all over this place.”

“And you’re planning to do that with what? Those clowns?” Quad narrowed his eyes.

“Quad, if that is the case, please enlighten me with how powerful you are!”

At this moment, the head of a sect, seemingly in his thirties, shouted and leaped out from behind

Quad immediately locked his eye on the new challenger before mocking, “Sending a brat to his
demise? Is there no one else in Marsingfill’s martial arts world?”

Indeed. Compared to Quad, this challenger in his thirties was relatively young.

“Quad, why are you acting all proud and cocky? You’re just a Semi Martial Arts Marquis! Age
doesn’t necessarily tie to strength!”

The young man stared at Quad coldly. “I am Saunders Folklin, the head of the Saunders Sect. Please
enlighten me by showing me the true strength of The Villainous Four of the Village of Villains. I’d like to
see if you’re living up to your name or just a fraud.”

When the young man introduced himself in such a fashion, he was trying to use this chance to raise his
reputation and his sect’s fame.

The increase in his reputation and the sect’s fame would, in turn, make it easier for him to recruit
martial trainees.

“Are you here to advertise yourself?” Quad mocked.

Standing opposite of him, Saunders shouted, “Shut up. Are you going to fight me or not?”

“Hmm… Fighting you is humiliating, but if I don’t, you’ll never know just how useless you are!” Quad
locked his eyes on Saunders coldly as he spoke.

“What did you just say?” Saunders was left enraged by the words hurled at him. In the next moment,
the martial energy in his body erupted. The powerful martial energy then steadily condensed in his

“Hey, old dog. Your time has long passed. Now, let me show you just how powerful I am,” Saunders
shouted angrily before he slammed the condensed energy in his palm toward Quad.

As Saunders jumped at Quad, the aura and energy he displayed suggested that he was already a
Semi Martial Arts Marquis.

“Oh? A Semi Martial Arts Marquis at such a young age?”

“Come on. Can’t you tell? To be able to start up a sect in his thirties, he’s obviously pretty decent

“But he does not hold a place on the Sage Leaderboard. Hmm. I’ve never seen this young man before.
I suppose he’s capable of holding a spot in the Sage Leaderboard with that strength.”

The bystanders on the mountaintops all started commenting softly.

“Hmph. You little sh*t. How audacious!”

With that said, Quad calmly and steadily pushed his palm toward the attack.


A loud explosion sounded before a massive shockwave started blasting across the scene.

Fortunately, the bystanders were no ordinary folks. Instead, they were all skilled in their expertise. They
would have lost their lives to the shockwaves if they were just regular folks!

Meanwhile, Saunders’ expression twisted immediately before he found himself in mid-air after being
sent flying away from the clash just now.

When he returned to his senses, he was already on the ground, and blood gushed out of his mouth as
he coughed violently.

“What? How is this possible!”

Saunders dared not believe what had happened, for Quad had easily defeated him despite them both
being Semi Martial Arts Marquis.