A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2223

“Heavenly Thunder Strike!”

Emiliano felt anxious as he watched Jagoan take on a dozen men all by himself and come out on top.

With a shout that echoed through the air, Emiliano summoned dark clouds that swirled above them.
Lightning crackled within the clouds as though waiting for his command. He unleashed a torrent of
lightning strikes at Jagoan, each more powerful than the last. The sound of heavenly thunder roared
like an approaching storm.

Jagoan merely smirked, his eyes flashing with amusement. After all, he had endured the lightning
tribulation before, Emiliano’s moves were like child’s play to him.

Golden light shimmered around Jagoan as the lightning struck him continuously. However, he was left

Avery used the geomantic compass to summon pure light and transformed it into a sharp sword that
flew straight toward Jagoan.

With immediacy, Jagoan mounted the golden dragon, and a beam of white light erupted from the
dragon’s mouth, skillfully warding off the attack.

As the dragon let out a deafening roar, a menacing aura emanated from Jagoan and swept across the
battlefield, causing Avery and Emiliano to be flung backward.

The other fighters fell to their knees, blood pouring from their mouths.

Two experts from Scorching Heaven Sect tried to sneak up on Jagoan by performing some hand seals
to disappear from view.

Seeing that, Jagoan sneered disdainfully.

Although they were able to mask their physical form with their impressive proficiency in concealment
magic, they could not hide their aura. Jagoan could sense their aura and find them easily.

Just as the two experts from Scorching Heaven Sect tried to launch a sneak attack on Jagoan, he spun
around and slashed his Dragonslayer Sword, sending a powerful blast of energy that cut the two
experts in half.

The dozen or so fighters who faced off against Jagoan were badly defeated.

“Damn, this guy is a force to be reckoned with!”

Emiliano could not believe a martial artist from the outside world, and of Martial Arts Saint level, could
wield such immense power.

Avery’s face also darkened with anger as he tightly gritted his teeth. Jagoan’s prowess had surpassed
his expectation.

If news of this battle were to spread to the hidden realm, other sects would surely mock us mercilessly.

“Why hasn’t the guardian of Scorching Heaven Sect made a move yet?” Avery said furiously.

“I hope he isn’t so focused on short-term gains that he ignores potential future problems,” Avery
muttered in annoyance.

As they shifted their gaze toward Elgado, they discovered that he had launched an attack on Skyler.

The woman was no match for the guardian of Scorching Heaven Sect. In just a few moves, she was
defeated and captured by him.

“Well done, little one from the outside realm. You managed to fight off more than ten experts from the
hidden realm easily. But this girl is now in my hands. If you dare to resist, I will kill her right away,”

Elgado threatened Jagoan.

Jagoan’s face twisted in anger when he saw Elgado holding Skyler captive.

“As the guardian of Scorching Heaven Sect, a prominent figure in the hidden realm, using a woman to
threaten me seems rather unscrupulous,” Jagoan said coldly.

“I don’t need to explain myself. I only care about results, not the process. Now surrender, or I’ll make
this girl’s head explode instantly!” Elgado threatened as he held Skyler’s head.

“Don’t need to worry about me, Mr. Chance. Kill them…” Skyler yelled.

She realized that even if their adversary formed an alliance, they had slim chances of defeating
Jagoan. Elgado was also aware of this fact, which was why he had resorted to using her as a
bargaining chip to pressure Jagoan.

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