A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2182

Jagoan took a deep breath before disclosing how he had excavated a tunnel into the mountains from
the spring.

Skyler’s eyes turned as wide as saucers when she heard Jagoan was the one behind everything and
got buried underneath the rubble. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect Jagoan to be capable of
doing this!

Matthew felt a headache coming on and a sense of helplessness. Jagoan was likely the only one to
conceive the idea of digging through the Kazillion Mountains alone.

The Spring of Regeneration did not solely belong to Luminous Sect, as a total of nine sects shared it
together. Matthew was at a loss as to how to explain to the other eight sects that Jagoan had destroyed
the spring.

Jagoan asked, “Mr. Campbell, was there a sect that used to reside near the Spring of Regeneration in
the past? Otherwise, why would there be a Guardian Rock?”

Matthew bobbed his head. “Many years ago, there was a Narcissus Palace located in that area.
However, it vanished hundreds of years ago, and no one knows exactly how. Many people tried to find
the ruins of Narcissus Palace, but they were unsuccessful. Over time, people forgot about it, and if the
Spring of Regeneration hadn’t emerged, no one would have ventured to that location.”

“Narcissus Palace?” Jagoan frowned. “Mr. Campbell, is there a possibility that the ancient ruins of
Narcissus Palace are within the mountain range?”

“That is a possibility,” Matthew replied. “In the past, someone had the same idea, but no one dared to
destroy the mountain to enter it. It would have an impact on the Spring of Regeneration. Even if the
ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace were found, no one would be able to enter. Legend has it that the

leader of Narcissus Palace was known for eating human flesh in a gruesome manner. The entire place
was filled with demonic aura, so the ruins would be extremely dangerous.”

Hearing that, Jagoan immediately recalled the crimson-red stones that gave off a lethal intent. There
was a huge possibility that the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace were within the mountain range.

It was highly likely that the spring water had flowed past the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace and
gained its regenerative powers since ordinary spring water didn’t possess such properties.

“Master? Master!” Archer ran in, looking anxious.

Matthew’s face darkened at the sight of him. “What happened?”

“An enormous cave has emerged above the Kazillion Mountains, attracting numerous martial artists to
venture there. It seems to be linked to the recent earthquake. Several sects have sent us messages,
requesting to convene and discuss the situation regarding the Spring of Regeneration,” Archer

Matthew let out a soft sigh. “I guess there’s no escaping the inevitable. I can’t hide it any longer.”

Jagoan offered, “Mr. Campbell, I was the one who did that. Let me accompany you to the meeting to
own up to what I did.”

He didn’t want to make things difficult for Matthew.

“Jagoan, if you come with me, you won’t be able to leave the place alive. Don’t worry, I have a plan,”
Matthew assured him with a smile.

Turning to Archer and Skyler, he instructed, “After I leave, you two stay in the sect. No one is allowed to
venture up the mountains, understand? The mountain range is perilous, and there could be many

unknown dangers. Even if the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace have surfaced, it will only lead to more

Matthew knew how dangerous the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace were, so he didn’t want his
disciples to risk their lives.

“Got it!” Skyler and Archer nodded.

However, Jagoan appeared hesitant as he spoke up. “Mr. Campbell, I would like to go up the
mountains. There might be something in the ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace that could help save my

“Jagoan, if you wish to head up the mountains, make sure Skyler accompanies you. She knows the
area well, but please be cautious. The ancient ruins of Narcissus Palace are exceedingly treacherous,”
Matthew cautioned.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Campbell. I know what I’m doing,” Jagoan promised.

Despite Jagoan’s promise, Matthew remained worried. After all, Jagoan had caused trouble the
moment he was given permission to use the Spring of Regeneration. Nevertheless, he said nothing
and turned to leave.

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