A Man Like None Other

Chapter 1060

A Scapegoat

“Wow! What’s everyone doing here? Seems like I should probably join the fun too,” Howard said,
walking toward the entrance. “Hello! I’m betting twenty billion on Jared!”

It seemed like Howard was there to represent the Dunn family. The family had sent two Top Level
Martial Arts Grandmasters this time. Given their clout in the sphere, it was not surprising that the Dunns
did not take the Warriors Alliance seriously.

This made the people even more perplexed. They started guessing why the Dunns also thought Jared
would win.

Warren was alarmed when he saw Howard. During the Trial, Howard had always helped Jared. When
they brought two Top Level Martial Arts Grandmasters there that day, Warren knew that there was a
high chance of something untoward happening.

“Edgar is here!” someone shouted.

Everyone turned around and saw Edgar and Ryker wading through the crowd.

Following behind were a few skilled fighters from the Deragon family.

Edgar walked past the people haughtily with his head held high. Judging from his posture, it was
obvious that he thought he had secured victory.

Onlookers cheered for him and greeted him, but he did not even look at them.

“Look at Mr. Edgar!” Someone sensed the unusual aura coming from Edgar. “You can feel a special
aura from him that resembles that of a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster. He has the air of a winner!
Jared is doomed.”

“I agree! He has changed so much just within days!”

“I’m sure he will become the youngest Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster soon!”

As the crowd showered Edgar with praises, more people placed their bets on him.

Seeing that, Edgar became more full of himself, wearing a smug expression.

“Mr. Ryker!” Warren greeted.

“Mr. Gordon!” Ryker greeted back. Then, he asked smilingly, “I saw many people from the Warriors
Alliance. Even the four elders are here. Are they afraid of someone making a scene?”

Warren was taken aback. He did not know that Ryker was actually such an observant person. Many of
the people Ryker had mentioned were actually hidden among the crowd, but still, he was keen enough
to spot all of them.

“President Zeigler was afraid something unexpected might happen. You know, we can’t afford to have
any accidents, or else Mr. Sanders will give us a hard time,” Warren explained.

“President Zeigler is so meticulous! He does not need to worry though. No one will dare create a scene
here,” Ryker replied, laughing.

“Mr. Ryker, never underestimate Jared. He is now rather influential in Jadeborough,” Warren replied.

He then continued with a solemn expression, “President Zeigler sees Jared as a potential threat and
thinks that Jared might cause trouble, so President Zeigler reckons we must use this chance to have
Mr. Edgar exterminate him.”

Ryker was surprised, but he quickly resumed composure. “Mr. Gordon, the president can rest assured
that nothing unpleasant will happen today. Jared will not cause a ruckus. We will just have to ask Edgar
to paralyze him permanently during the fight.”

“Mr. Ryker, don’t tell me Jared has given you any benefits. Why are you so reluctant to finish him once
and for all?” Warren interrogated.

Ryker retorted, “Mr. Gordon, we have nothing to do with him! I’m just afraid that if Edgar kills him, Mr.
Sanders might be infuriated. Our family will become the scapegoat in this situation. If you really want
him dead, you should just ask your people from the Warriors Alliance to do it yourselves.”

With that said, Ryker walked away with Edgar.

“D*mn it! How dare he talk to me like that?” Warren said furiously as he watched them leave.

As the director of the Warriors Alliance, although Warren’s position was considered high rank, many of
the martial arts families still did not respect him.

Soon, almost everyone had arrived, and they were all waiting for Jared to show up.