A Man Like None Other

Chapter 995

Beating Up A Kid

Without any hesitation, Jared then jumped into the underground river. He popped his head up and said,
“This underground river has to flow out. So I don’t even need to use the ancient tomb’s entrance to get
out of here. They want to kill me, right? Well, they can dream on!”

With that, Jared dived to the bottom of the river and disappeared.

When Skylar saw that, he narrowed his greed-filled eyes. Who would’ve thought he had already figured
out a way out of here?

“Let’s go.” Skylar left with the hunched-back old man.

Howard and the others also left by the way they came.

Meanwhile, Jared swam along the underground river for a long time before surfacing.

At the moment, Jared had resurfaced in a pool at the foot of the mountain. After he got out of the water,
the golden light enveloping his body faded, and his clothes were still dry.

“Who would’ve thought I’ve swum so far?” Jared murmured to himself.

When Jared saw the skyscrapers far away, he realized he was a hundred miles away from

Without wasting a second, Jared walked toward Jadeborough.

Although the Trial this time around was short, it was definitely a fruitful one for Jared. The Storage Ring
and the painting he had gotten were both priceless treasures.

The painting especially was very valuable because Jared could use it for cultivating. He needed a huge
amount of spiritual energy to cultivate because of his capabilities. Since the painting had strong
spiritual energy, it was very useful to him.

Meanwhile, Warren and the people from various Sects were waiting for Jared to show up at the
entrance of the ancient tomb.

Since Edgar was badly injured, he was already sent back to the Deragon residence. Warren was
determined to wait for Jared to show up. As the director of the Warriors Alliance, he would be ashamed
if he didn’t take revenge.

However, Jared was still nowhere to be seen after a long time. Instead, he saw Howard, Skylar, Colin,
and the others coming out of the ancient tomb.

When Warren noticed Jared wasn’t with them, he stopped Howard and asked, “Where is Jared?”

“How would I know? If you want to know where he is, why don’t you go in and look for him yourself?”
Howard rolled his eyes at Warren disdainfully.

Warren was pissed off, but he held it in and let Howard go.

“Mr. Norton, do you know why Jared didn’t come out with you guys?” Warren asked Skylar politely.

“I don’t!” Skylar answered before leaving the scene with the hunched-back old man.

Skylar wasn’t helping Jared, per se, he simply didn’t want Warren and the others to find Jared because
he wanted those magical items for himself.

In fact, Skylar was attracted to the Storage Ring the moment he saw it.

Since Howard and Skylar were unwilling to talk, Warren glanced at Colin.

When Colin saw Warren looking at him, he quickly waved his hands in the air and said, “I don’t know
anything, okay? So don’t ask me.”

Warren narrowed his eyes and grabbed Colin by his collar. “How could you not know?”

“What are you trying to do? If you hit me, I’m going to tell everyone that the director of Warriors Alliance
beat a kid up!” Colin threatened him.

Warren was amused when he heard that. This guy is already in his twenties! And yet, he’s still calling
himself a kid?

Upon glancing at the people from the Sects, Warren released Colin and roared, “Just get out of my

Colin quickly left with his men. Warren, on the other hand, continued to wait by the ancient tomb’s

When Jared arrived at Jadeborough, he went straight to the Department of Justice. As far as he was
concerned, the Department of Justice was the safest place in Jadeborough.

Theodore was surprised when he saw Jared had returned so early. Normally, Trials would last for
seven to eight days, no? Why is Jared back after just one day?