A Man Like None Other

Chapter 948


Seeing how the man was acting, Theodore realized that he had changed a lot. He used to look down
on the young man, but he did not even realize that he had started to look up to him.

Meanwhile, Ryker was on his way back to the Deragon residence with a grim expression on his face.

“Mr. Deragon, Mr. Sanders has already spoken up. What should we do?” Godrick whispered.

“We’ll do what needs to be done. All Mr. Sanders said was to not kill Jared, but he didn’t say that we
can’t capture him. What I want isn’t his life. I just want his identity. Do you understand?” the former

“Understood!” Godrick said with a nod.

There was no point in killing Jared. All Ryker needed to do was capture him and confirm his identity.
Then, he can use Jared to threaten his sister, Beatrice. His priority right now was to find out the secret
he had been trying to find out for more than twenty years.

“Bring some men with you and head to the place Jared mentioned to have a look around. Bring some
stuff with you and give them to President Zeigler if you’re sure that the Trial will be held there. If it’s an
imperial mausoleum, then there must be quite a lot of treasures in there,” he said coldly.

“Understood. Don’t worry, Mr. Deragon!” Godrick said.

He would be attending the Trial this time. Everything that was being done now was for his own sake, so
there was no way he wouldn’t take it seriously.

Jared didn’t stay in Jadeborough for long after the celebratory party. Instead, he returned to Horington
with Rayleigh and the others.

Before arriving at the city, the man stopped by the Medicine God Sect to make some jet melding

He then left for the hospital once he was done making the cream. Tommy and Phoenix’s subordinates
were elated when they saw that he had arrived.

Once he entered the ward, Jared saw the pair lying in their beds. Though they were still unable to
move, they had finally regained their consciousness and were able to communicate normally. They
were just unable to move about because the bones in their bodies were all broken.

There was even a cigarette hanging on Tommy’s lips. A subordinate stayed by his side and helped him
flick the ash from his cigarette from time to time. The man looked so relaxed despite his condition.

“Tommy, you’re now crippled since all the bones in your body have been crushed, but you’re still in the
mood to smoke?” Jared asked with a chuckle.

“You can resurrect the dead, Mr. Chance. As long as I’m still breathing, I’m not afraid,” the bedridden
man replied with a cheeky grin.

All the former could do was give him a resigned smile before pulling the tub of jet melding cream out.
“You seem sure that I can save the both of you. Let’s see if you can still smile if I have no way of saving

Once he was done speaking, he passed the cream to the subordinate beside him. “Divide this into two
parts. Leave one part for them to eat, and another part for them to apply. Remember to do this once
every day!”

“All right, Mr. Chance!” the subordinate said politely as he took the cream.

“What’s that, Mr. Chance? Why does it look black and sludgy? It’s not bad for our skin, is it?” Pheonix
asked worriedly.

Jared did not expect the woman to be worried about her skin when she was in such a condition. He
couldn’t stop himself from laughing. There’s no way of guessing what she’s thinking at all.

“This is jet melding cream. It can help to regrow and heal your bones. Besides, it can even enhance
beauty, making your skin as smooth as a newborn baby’s.”

Hearing that, the woman couldn’t help but feel excited. “Leave more of that jet melding cream for me.
You can just leave a part for Tommy to eat. There’s no need for him to apply it. Look at his dry and flaky
skin. It’s going to be useless on him,” she said to the subordinate holding the tub of cream.

At that, Tommy rolled his eyes, and the two of them began bickering with each other.

A resigned smile surfaced on Jared’s face at that. He finally left after staying for some time. With the jet
melding cream, Tommy and Phoenix would only need a week and they could finally start moving about