A Man Like None Other

Chapter 945

Not For Jokes

“You’re right, Mr. Sanders. I shall put more emphasis on maintaining the order of the martial arts
world…” Zion nodded repeatedly.

“Oh, there’s one more thing. I wish to inform everyone that the Trial this year will be postponed in view
of the lack of an appropriate venue and ancient ruins. I hope that all of you can keep your eyes peeled
on the next possible venue for the Trial,” Mr. Sanders said impassively.

Murmurs and whispers spread in the crowd as everyone heard that the Trial was going to be

Leviathan immediately glanced at Jared and gave him a look.

He wanted Jared to report his findings of the ancient tombs. It would be great if the location was
suitable for the Trial. That way, Jared would have made a greater impression on Mr. Sanders.

“Mr. Sanders, I do know of a place. However, I am not sure if it’s suitable for the Trial…”

Jared understood the look that Leviathan was giving him and rose from his seat.

Everyone stopped talking as they turned their attention to Jared.

“Mr. Chance, not every place is suitable to hold the Trial,” Theodore reminded Jared in a low voice.

He was afraid that Jared might suggest a mediocre cultivation venue and become the laughing stock of

“Jared Chance, right? Could you tell us more about this place?” Mr. Sanders asked curiously, obviously
interested in what Jared had to say.

“Mr. Sanders, the place is right at the outskirts of Jadeborough,” Jared replied.

Everyone went into an uproar after listening to him.

“Jared, do you even have any idea what kind of place was suitable for cultivation? How dare you utter
nonsense here? So many great families are on the perimeters of Jadeborough. Do you think that they
would not have found out about the places that were suitable to hold the Trial?” Steinar quipped.

“What nonsense are you talking about? It’s still plausible that you’ve found some ancient ruins or
tombs. But that’s impossible in Jadeborough. We’ve looked everywhere here.”

“He’s talking through his hat! I could travel all around Jadeborough even with my eyes closed. How
could I have not known of such a place in Jadeborough?”

“Young man, don’t get all cocky just because you’ve killed Ichiro Watanabe and earned the admiration
of Mr. Sanders. How dare you utter nonsense here?”

Everyone engaged in hushed whispers as they judged Jared. Nobody actually believed what he said.

“Jared, do you know that this is no place for jokes? I think you still have no idea what the Trial is.
Please take your seat!”

Even Mr. Sanders also did not believe in Jared.

It was not possible to find a place that was suitable to hold the Trial in the perimeters of Jadeborough
as they had scoured the place in search of such a venue.

However, only one person cast a perplexed look at Jared—Blake Henckle. It was as if he knew the
place that Jared was talking about.

“Mr. Sanders, even though I do not know the place suitable to hold the Trial, the place that I am
suggesting is a royal tomb. If it was not ravaged by tomb robbers, I am certain that there would be a lot
of things in there.”

Jared did not sit down and continued to make his case.

“A royal tomb? Are you delusional? How is it possible that there are still undiscovered royal tombs in
Jadeborough?” Kristoff chided Jared, as did others.

They thought he was a truly boastful man who did not know any better.

However, Mr. Sanders’ face turned dark as Jared’s remarks were making him look bad.

They had scoured the whole Jadeborough countless times. The royal tombs that had been discovered
were mostly their discoveries. The fact that Jared had discovered another site in Jadeborough meant
that the others were utter trash.

“Mr. Chance, please don’t be ridiculous. There are no more royal tombs in Jadeborough…”

Theodore hurriedly gave Jared a look to signal the latter to stop talking.