A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2596 Token

When Percy saw that Jared was rooted to his spot and noticed that Francois and Sigurd were fleeing,
he yelled, “Jared, they're escaping!”

However, Jared remained as still as a statue.

It was only when Francois and Sigurd were gone did Jared showed signs of a reaction in his eyes.

“I see... I finally understand what The Power Of Three is for...”

Then, a look of rapture crossed Jared's face. Whipping his head in the direction Francois and Sigurd
had fled, he leaned forward and disappeared.

No matter what moves he made, the power he used would only be one of the powers in The Power Of
Three. There was no technique he could use to fully utilize The Power Of Three. Jared finally realized

When Francois and Sigurd saw no traces of Jared anymore, both wiped the cold sweat off their

“We're finally out of there. I never thought that he would be so powerful. I wonder what faction he
belongs to,” Francois wondered out loud.

After all, it was impossible for someone as mighty as Jared to just be a villager. To reach Jared's level,
the amount of resources needed for cultivation was close to unimaginable, and no villager would be
able to afford it.

“I have no idea. We'll have to head back to report this to them.”

“Let's hurry up. What if that guy comes after us again?”

Fearful of Jared, Sigurd urged Francois to hurry up.

However, just as they were about to continue their way, a beam of light shot over toward them. Before
either could react to that, Francois cried out in agony.


One of Francois' arms flew into the air, and in the next second, the stump began bleeding profusely.

“H-How fast can he be?”

Sigurd was astounded as cold sweat quickly covered his forehead again. He never thought that Jared
would be able to catch up with them so quickly.

At that moment, Jared was standing in front of them with a tranquil look. Around him was barely
discernible aura flowing, and although Sigurd could see the distortion in the space around Jared, he
could not sense Jared's aura.

It was almost as if Jared was not truly there—as if he was not in the same dimension as them.

Gradually, Jared's silhouette became more defined. At the same time, the aura around Jared
transformed into gleaming flying swords, surrounding him to form a giant sword array.

The aura that those flying swords were emanating was something Sigurd and Francois had neither
heard nor seen before. It was an aura that belonged to no race they had ever known.

Jared was still calm as ever, as though he was an immortal beyond mortal emotions, instilling fear in
the two other men.

“Sigurd... W-What is that aura he's exuding? This is terrifying...”

Francois was gritting his teeth in pain, but all he could think about was the terror that overwhelmed him
—he was so preoccupied with that emotion that he did not wrap up his wound.

Sigurd shook his head. He, too, did not know what kind of aura Jared had. It was far purer than spiritual
energy and much more powerful than it. It was something he had never encountered in his life.

The power that Jared displayed was pushing both men toward a mental breakdown.

“You've got quite the luck. You're going to be the test subjects of The Power Of Three,” Jared calmly

“The Power of Three?” Both Sigurd and Francois stiffened, not knowing what that was.

Still, before they could figure it out, Jared waved his hand to flick the flying swords toward them.

At that, Sigurd forcibly summoned a shield and shouted, “Francois, take out the life-saving token!”

Francois snapped back to his senses and hastily fished out the life-saving token from the pocket by his
waist. Then, he smeared the blood from his stump onto the token.

The life-saving token glowed golden, and the rays of light swiftly surrounded the two men. At the same
time, Sigurd took out his own life-saving token and spat out a mouthful of blood on it.

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