A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2507 Sucked Into A Black Hole

Before Josephine, Feenix, and the others had reached Jared, a black hole appeared in the sky. There
was a strong suction force, and the man was sucked into it.


Without an ounce of hesitation, Josephine rushed toward the black hole.


Likewise, Feenix did the same.

On the contrary, Ezra and the others from Divine Smithing Sect were over the moon as they gazed at
the black hole that appeared without warning. “The portal has opened! Quick, let's go!”

Right after Ezra had said that, he took the lead and launched himself at the black hole.

The few other elders and prisoners from Ethereal Realm followed suit.

As everyone charged toward the black hole, no one that noticed a ball of light where Skylar died was
also sucked in.

Meanwhile, Quindon and the others froze on the spot, gaping at the portal to Ethereal Realm.

Ethereal Realm was a place they yearned for, but when the portal was right before their eyes, they
wavered. They did not know whether they could survive there with their capabilities.

Besides, considering the restoration of spiritual energy, cultivating in the mundane world might be a
better choice.

While they were dithering, Aislin capitalized on Quindon's inattention to leap up and jump into the black


Seeing that, Quindon instinctively gave chase to grab his daughter. Regretfully, no sooner had Aislin
gone into the black hole than it disappeared in a flash. He failed to hold her back.

Utter worry swamped him as he stared at the spot where the black hole had vanished. Verily, he was
concerned about her safety.

Nonetheless, it was of no use when the black hole had blinked out of existence.

Thus, Quindon and the others merely exchanged a glance with those from Evil Heart Sect before

Inwardly, Malphas was beyond apprehensive. With Jared's life hanging in the balance, the mark in his
brain could not be removed. As such, he had no idea how much longer he had to live.

Shortly after, he also left with those from Evil Heart Sect.

“Quick, let's go home and tell Cecilia and the others about this, Renee!”

Leaving with Renee, Melanie rushed back to Deragon Sect in Jadeborough.

At Deragon Sect in Jadeborough, Melanie and Renee's return plunged the place into chaos.

When Cecilia and the others learned that Jared had been sucked into a black hole and Josephine had
jumped into it to save the man, they were all gripped by anxiousness.

“What should we do, Cecilia? We've got to find a way to save Jared!”

All the girls had their eyes fixed on Cecilia.

When Jared was away, they all listened to Cecilia since the latter was once the leader of an
organization and was more experienced in handling things.

“We can't panic or fall apart now. Instead, we've got to remain calm. Don't tell Mom about this to save
her from worrying needlessly,” Cecilia swiftly instructed, her mind whirring at warp speed.

Ever since Jared bedded the girls, they had all started addressing Beatrice as “Mom.”

“The most important thing right now is to ascertain where exactly the black hole leads. Without a
direction, we can't even begin to search,” Evangeline interjected.

“I don't know where it leads either. But then, I heard them mentioning something about Ethereal Realm.
Unfortunately, I don't know much about that.”

Melanie knew nothing about Ethereal Realm, for it was her first time hearing about that place.

A slight frown marred Cecilia's countenance. “Ethereal Realm? I heard Mr. Sanders mentioning it once

or twice when I was cultivating with him.”

“I know! This Ethereal Realm is a sacred place for spiritual energy cultivators. Rumor has it that all
cultivators in the secret realms yearn to visit it, but I don't know how to go there.”

Evangeline was part of the secret realms. Hence, she had some understanding of the Ethereal Realm.

“How are we going to save Jared if we don't know how to go to the Ethereal Realm?” Lyanna fretted.

“Now that Mr. Sanders is no longer here, who should we ask?”

Cecilia wore a solemn expression on her face, at a loss. If Mr. Sanders were still here, we could have
asked him for advice!

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