A Man Like None Other

Chapter 907


Blake swung his arm in full strength, aiming at Jared’s head. It was obvious that Blake was going in for
the kill.


Jared merely lifted the corner of his lips into a subtle smirk. With a swift movement, he turned around
and delivered a blow as well.


A dull sound echoed through the area. Followed suit, Blake felt a mighty force rushing at him,
immediately sending him flying. A sharp pain shot up his arm with that blow.


Blake gaped at Jared, astounded and confused. How could someone like Jared, a Top Level Senior
Grandmaster, defeat a Martial Arts Grandmaster like him?

“Who on earth are you?” Blake interrogated solemnly.

“My name is Jared Chance,” announced Jared with a slight smile.

“Jared Chance. You’re the Jared Chance?” Blake stared at the man in front of him with a look of shock.

Recently, Jared could be considered one of the most well-known people in the martial arts world. He
was so famous that not knowing him was a deviation. Both the Warriors Alliance and the Deragons
spoke favorably of Jared, and that was a very rare occurrence in the martial arts world.

“You’ve heard of me too?” At the sight of Blake’s astonished look, Jared asked.

“To have both the Warriors Alliance and the Deragons on your side, you certainly proved yourself to be
skilled. Everything today is all just a misunderstanding. If there’s a chance in the future, the Henckle
family would love to have you over as a guest.”

Having said that, Blake made a gesture, and seven crystal balls instantly returned into his arms. He
then quickly turned and left.

After Blake’s departure, Tristan glanced over at Jared. “Mr. Chance, can this place really be an ancient

“I don’t know, but there seems to be negative energy radiating from underground, so there probably is a
grave beneath us. However, the negative energy is not very obvious, so I’m not very sure either. Guess
I’ll check and see…”

Jared’s voice faltered as he closed his eyes softly and walked according to the positions of the Five
Elements and Eight Trigrams. His footsteps left a deep trace on the ground, forming a sigil.

Standing in the middle of the sigil, a golden light glowed in his palms. From there, the light sprung onto
different corners of the sigil.

Vroom, vroom, vroom…

After a series of deafening noises, the small hill seemed to shake uncontrollably. However, it returned
to its original tranquility soon.

Followed suit, the golden light on the sigil vanished into thin air while the sigil on the ground slowly
faded. Before long, it was as though nothing happened.

“So? Did you find anything, Mr. Chance?” Tristan rushed forward, impatient.

Droplets of cold sweat fell from Jared’s forehead. With unconcealed excitement on his face, he
announced, “There really is an ancient tomb beneath us. In fact, it’s an imperial mausoleum! However,
it’s sealed by an arcane array. I can’t see clearly the situation inside the tomb, but there are definitely
valuables or even magical items inside!”

“An imperial mausoleum?” Confusion was written all over Tristan’s face. “Haven’t the surrounding
imperial mausoleums been dug up? How is there still one here? Hasn’t anyone found it after all this

“I told you, this particular imperial mausoleum is sealed by an arcane array. It’s impossible for anyone
to detect it from the outside. If it weren’t for the fact that the spells have weakened over the centuries,
the negative energy wouldn’t have been leaked and no one would have noticed. If I guessed correctly,
Blake felt the negative energy that was coming from here too. That was why he came here and used
the Seven Star Formation to find the grave,” explained Jared.

“So what are we going to do? Are we digging it up?” asked Tristan excitedly.

An imperial mausoleum would be filled with treasures and magical items, and there was a high chance
that there will be tools to aid in cultivation as well. It was no wonder that Tristan was all excited.

“Absolutely not.” Jared shook his head. The competition was about to begin. Jared would not have the
luxury of time to dig up the grave. Moreover, if they were to dig up the grave in plain sight, the news of
the grave would go around, and the prominent families would not just sit idle and do nothing about it.

“But Mr. Chance, if we don’t dig it up, the Henckle family wouldn’t just let this place go. If the Henckle
family makes the first move, there’ll be nothing left for us,” argued Tristan, getting anxious at the