A Man Like None Other

Chapter 754

Sick In The Heart

“Oh, I see.” Jared nodded. He did not expect Turcoln to be so powerful. Hence, he asked Shawn, “Mr.
Robinson, how did you come to know about Master Declan?”

After all, they were thousands of kilometers apart. No matter how influential Turcoln was, it was not
possible for them to reach so far.

“My youngest son knew him and brought him here to take a look. What’s wrong, Mr. Chance? Is there
something wrong with the house?” Shawn looked at Jared quizzically.

Jared laughed and replied, “No, it’s nothing!”

Since it was Shawn’s son who had brought the Master to the house, it would be difficult for Jared to pass
any comments.

He had felt uneasy ever since he stepped into the courtyard of the Robinson residence. That was
sufficient for Jared to ascertain that the house had been afflicted with the arcane array. Shawn’s wife
might be ill because of that.

Just then, a middle-aged lady appeared in a wheelchair with a servant pushing it. The lady looked
haggard, and it was apparent that she had lost her legs.

“Mr. Chance, this is my wife, Jane Sulley,” introduced Shawn. He turned around to Jane and said, “Jane,
he’s the one I was telling you about last night, Mr. Chance. I’m sure he can cure your headache!”

“Mrs. Robinson, nice to meet you!” Jared stood up and greeted Shawn’s wife with a smile.

“Mr. Chance, nice to meet you too!”

The woman studied Jared carefully and looked at him strangely. Perhaps, his youthful appearance had
caused her to doubt his abilities. After all, even the Palace Chief of the Herb Palace cannot do anything
about my ailment. What then can a young man in his twenties do for my illness?

“Jane, tell Mr. Chance your condition in detail! Let him take a look at you.”

Shawn signaled to the servants for them to take their leave. He pushed the wheelchair by himself. The
couple seemed to be very loving.

Seeing that his wife had lost both her legs and became a cripple, a tycoon like Shawn still decided to
stay by her side and treated her with loving care. A loyal man like him was very rare indeed.

Witnessing the scene, Jared’s perception of Shawn had changed vastly.

Jared waved his hand and said, “It’s fine, Mr. Robinson. I have a good idea of your wife’s condition.”

“You do?” Shawn was taken aback and looked on in disbelief. He hasn’t even seen anything or listened
to her pulse. How does he know what she suffers from?

“So, Mr. Chance, what’s wrong with me?”

When Jared took one look at her and claimed to know what her problems were, Jane guessed that he
must be a liar. She understood what her problems were the most. That was why she asked Jared that
question to catch him in his lie.

“Mrs. Robinson, do you get headaches often? And when it happens, it’s so bad that you would be close
to collapsing?” asked Jared casually.

Jane nodded. “That’s right. My head hurts very often. Every time it happens, it hurts so bad that I feel like
ending my own life. No medicine can stop the pain.”

“Mr. Chance, Mrs. Robinson’s illness is quite weird. The moment her headache comes on, there is
nothing anyone can do to control it. I have tried to use sedatives to ease her headache but to no avail.
The odd thing is the headache will disappear if we leave it alone. I have done a full checkup on Mrs.
Robinson’s brain and body, but I cannot find any issues,” said Spencer with a perplexed look.

Jared smiled slightly. “Everything is fine with Mrs. Robinson physically. That’s why you didn’t find
anything. Her illness lies in her heart!”

“Her heart?”

At that moment, both Spencer and Shawn looked at Jared for further explanation.

Jared nodded. “That’s right. There’s something that is bothering her. The fact that she suffers from
uncontrollable headaches is because she doesn’t sleep well at night. In fact, she has nightmares
frequently. Combined with a little spell, that’s how her condition became like this!”