A Man Like None Other

Chapter 616

Kill Him

Theodore was dumbstruck. He knew how powerful Jared was and was aware of how the guy was an
energy cultivator. Even if Weston’s punch proved to be too much, it still shouldn’t send Jared flying that
far back. Does this mean Jared never fought back at all? What was he doing? Did he intend to commit

The more Theodore thought about it, the more confused he got.

“Hahaha, General Jackson, this is the guy you called for help? That is nothing but an idiot. Seriously,
how did he manage to kill Fabian and my mind-controlling parasite? I can’t believe the Coopers actually
paid me a fortune to deal with a weakling like him. D*mn, it’s really too easy to make that money.”

Weston laughed boisterously.

He didn’t expect his mission to go that smoothly. It was almost as easy as lifting a finger. I was going to
join forces with the others, but Jared was so weak that he couldn’t even survive a single punch from

Theodore was fuming a little after hearing what Weston said. Unfortunately, he couldn’t refute those
words. The best Theodore could do was to point out, “Mr. Chance saved Mr. Cadden’s life once, so the
latter won’t let the former’s death go unavenged. Now that you have killed Mr. Chance, you should all
leave with me. That way, the rest of Mapleton won’t be dragged into this mess.”

“Puh-lease, General Jackson. Take a look at the current situation. You guys are no match against us,
so just move aside already. Don’t force me to attack,” replied Weston nonchalantly.

“In that case, allow me to apologize for doing exactly that!”

After saying all that, Theodore flushed his aura and forged ahead with the other members of the
Department of Justice. They had Weston and his friends surrounded right away.

“General Jackson, are you really going to make me do this?” challenged Weston.

He narrowed his eyes, and the cruelty shining in them was horrifying.

“Quit yapping. I have been ordered to not let you leave, despite knowing how great your magecraft is.
This is Jadeborough, and it is my turf!”

After Theodore made that announcement, countless members of the Department of Justice revealed
themselves. They had been hiding behind the walls, on the roof and etc. Unlike the others, these
members all had a sniper with them and had aimed their guns at Weston and the others. Red lasers
could be seen on all five of their targets’ heads.

These men were Theodore’s secret weapons. He couldn’t put all his hopes on Jared and had to have a
plan B. It wasn’t legal to use firearms in Jadeborough, and Weston and the others, despite their crimes,
didn’t deserve death. Hence, Theodore had been holding out until that very moment. If the snipers
were to fire, Weston and the others likely wouldn’t survive, and that would step on Mapleton’s toe. The
disaster that followed would be unimaginable.

Unfortunately, Jared’s survival had yet to be determined, and Weston was adamant about leaving.
Thus, the situation forced Theodore to have the snipers reveal themselves.

As suspected, the emergence of the snipers made Weston and the others more cautious. There was
even a hint of panic in their eyes. Despite their strengths and magecraft, they weren’t at the level where
they could ignore guns and bullets. They were still flesh and bone, so the bullet could tear right through

“Theodore Jackson, are you planning on killing us?”

Weston frowned deeply and glared at Theodore.

He already has his snipers in position, so it’s obvious he wants us all dead.

“Just follow me and don’t try anything funny. That way, I can guarantee your safety. If you oppose, we’ll
have to kill everyone,” replied Theodore evilly.

Killing everyone… those words triggered Weston’s anger immediately.

“Oh, kill everyone? Is that it? Well, then don’t blame me for this!”

After saying that, Weston’s fingers danced as he chanted a spell. “Saintifico Demonica!”

Everyone heard a shushing sound after Weston chanted the spell. Dark fumes showed up out of
nowhere to engulf Weston and the others.

Theodore was taken aback. He frowned deeply while listening to that weird noise.