A Man Like None Other

Chapter 2073


He couldn't leave empty-handed, so he took the Golden Calabash from Crafting Clan, considering it

Neither Morgan nor Sherman dared to utter a single word when they saw Jared walking away with the
Golden Calabash.

Upon seeing Jared had returned, Flaxseed asked anxiously, “How did it go? Did you find the Divine

Jared shook his head. “It seems that we still need that fellow to bring us to the secret realm.
Fortunately, you stopped me from killing Skylar just now.”

“Then what should we do now?” Flaxseed asked.

“Let's go back first. If we want to get our hands on the Divine Scroll, we need to wait for Mr. Schneider
to come out of seclusion. We'll just get Skylar to help us open the entrance to the secret realm first. If
that doesn't work, we'll pay another visit to Crafting Clan.”

With that, Jared grabbed Skylar.

At that moment, Skylar was so heavily injured that Jared could just lift him up and leave.

Jared and Flaxseed returned to Jadeborough. Although they didn't get the Divine Scroll, they managed
to capture Skylar. It was still a worthwhile trip. Besides, they even got their hands on the Golden

However, Jared didn't have much use for the Golden Calabash because of his advanced capability.

“Mr. Flaxseed, since it was tiring for you to go to Crafting Clan with me, I'm giving you a gift,” Jared

Flaxseed froze momentarily before looking at Jared warily. “What are you doing? Why are you giving
me a present all of a sudden? You know I'm only interested in women...”

Jared was stunned for a second. He then laughed and chided, “What are you on about? I took a
magical item from Crafting Clan. I don't need it, so I'm giving it to you.”

“What? You stole a magical item from Crafting Clan after you trashed the place?” Flaxseed was

“Steal? Oh, please. I didn't steal. I robbed.” Jared chuckled.

Flaxseed laughed out loud as well.

The moment Jared whipped out the Golden Calabash, Flaxseed stopped laughing and stared at the
Golden Calabash in shock.

“That's... That's the Golden Calabash! That's a high-grade magical item!” Flaxseed exclaimed.

“Duh! Why would I bother taking a magical item if it was otherwise? So? Do you want it or not?” Jared
asked haughtily.

“Yes! Why wouldn't I want it?” Flaxseed snatched the Golden Calabash away, hugged Jared, and
kissed him.

Jared shoved Flaxseed aside. “Hey! I only like women.”

“Thank you so much, Jared. This item is even more important than women.” Flaxseed chuckled.

“What's more important than women?” Jessica appeared out of nowhere.

Upon seeing Jessica, Flaxseed immediately answered, “Whatever that item is, it's definitely not as
important as you. I've been missing you dearly over the last two days!”

With that, Flaxseed carried Jessica away.

Jared was rendered speechless.

He then went to the room Skylar was kept in. He couldn't help but smile coldly when he saw Skylar
looking sluggish and curling up weakly.

“Just kill me, Jared. There's no point in keeping me here. I can't open the entrance to the secret realm.
I'm nothing but a pawn for Evil Heart Sect. They won't tell me the spell to open the entrance to the
secret realm!”

Skylar would rather die than live in fear, for that was the worst way to live.

Jared lighted a cigarette and uttered calmly, “Why do you want to die so badly? Even if you can't open

the entrance to the secret realm, I'm still keeping you around because I want to see if Evil Heart Sect
values you. Since your special physique has been developed, I believe that Evil Heart Sect will
definitely not treat you as an ordinary pawn. Otherwise, you wouldn't have grown so rapidly!”

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