A Man Like None Other

Chapter 584

In A Coma

“I see!” Jared nodded. No wonder Theodore acted so humbly. That man is the secretary of the leader
of Senary Porta!

In Jadeborough, only those with outstanding achievements or incredibly high status were qualified to
join Senary Porta.

Just then, Theodore came back, and Samuel asked curiously, “General Jackson, what does Mr.
Cadden want with that liar?”

Theodore was confused momentarily by Samuel’s words, not understanding who this “liar” Samuel was
referring to was.

When he realized who it was, he answered, “Mr. Bailey, ‘liar’ is quite an apt description, indeed. There
goes the reputation of the number one mage in Zaprington.”

“With his skills, how dare he call himself the number one mage? He is merely a clown in front of Mr.
Chance!” Samuel sneered.

Even though Samuel sounded like he was trying to flatter Jared, what he said was the truth. No matter
how hard Boris had tried to pretend otherwise, he could not deceive Jared.

As Theodore had not witnessed the moment Jared exposed Boris’ lie with his own eyes, there was
nothing much he could say. “Nevertheless, Boris is not totally a scam. I am sure he is still somewhat
capable. Mr. Cadden, the leader of Senary Porta, purposely invited him to treat his son!”

“Rumors say that his son is in a coma, right? I heard his heart has to rely on some equipment to
continue beating and that he will lose his life without the equipment. His brain has even stopped
functioning. How could he possibly recover?”

Samuel was puzzled.

“Well, I guess they have no other choice.” Theodore did not dare to doubt the decision of the leader of
Senary Porta.

“Mr. Chance, you have great medical skills. Why don’t you go and give it a shot? If you can cure his
son, it will be beneficial for your future here in Jadeborough,” Walter suddenly suggested.

Indeed, it would be a great opportunity for Jared to build his connection with such an influential leader.
Nothing would be impossible with Jermaine’s support, and no one would dare to go against him, not
even the Coopers.

“Mr. Chance, do you know medical skills too?” Theodore only knew Jared was a cultivator.

“Just a little!” Jared nodded.

Theodore and Samuel stared at Jared, their gazes filled with surprise and amazement.

Jared was able to expose Boris’ lie because he knew magecraft. It exceeded their expectation that he
turned out to have medical skills too.

“If that’s so, let me take Mr. Chance there. If you could cure Mr. Cadden’s son, it would be a great
opportunity for you!”

Theodore was overwhelmed with excitement.

Jared did not reject the idea. He knew there would be a lot of obstacles on the path of cultivation. It
would not be a bad thing to build as many connections as he could, especially one as influential as the
leader of Senary Porta.

With that, Theodore brought Jared to the house of the leader of Senary Porta. Due to the security over
there, the rest did not follow Jared. They would not be able to enter the place after all.

Soon, Theodore brought Jared to a courtyard. Even though it did not look luxurious, it was located in a
good spot. There were a few tall buildings around it, and there were people constantly patrolling it.

Jared scanned his surroundings and immediately discovered what was so special about this courtyard.
It was facing a northwesterly direction, which would gather all the energy around it and direct them
toward the courtyard. That helped to nourish the human body.

Evidently, the design of the place had been guided by a geomancer, who tried to build it like some sort
of geomancy assay. Naturally, this was not as effective as an actual arcane assay.