A Man Like None Other

Chapter 529


The next morning, Megan drove to the hotel to pick up Tristan and Jared before heading to Crescent
Sect Resort.

Shane had woken up and prepared to head there to investigate.

When he saw the trio, he said, “It’s fine if you’re going there for a vacation, but don’t obstruct my work. I
don’t have time to save any of you if you are in danger.”

“Why are you saying that?” Megan’s temper sparked. “I see that you’ll face a bloody calamity today. It’s
best if you stay obediently in the hotel.”

“What? I dare you to say it again!”

Rage flowed through Shane at her words. He already felt resentment toward Megan, thinking she was
the one who had cursed him when he got into a car accident before. She even said he would encounter
a bloody calamity. Her words were testing his patience.

“I’m just warning you from the kindness in my heart. It’s up to you if you believe me.”

Megan rolled her eyes at Shane, then flashed a grin at Tristan. “Let’s go, Tristan.”

Tristan shot Jared a glance, then got into the passenger seat while the latter got into the back seat.

With a step on the pedal, the car sped away.

“I don’t understand why Theodore had me bring two rich kids,” Shane mumbled to himself as he got
into his car and drove toward the Crescent Sect Resort.

It was only about a hundred miles from their hotel, located in the southwestern part of Whitesea. As the
resort was quite large, it could accommodate many tourists. Its earnings contributed greatly to the
Crescent Sect’s income.

The sect had many members, and it cost a pretty penny to maintain their lifestyle. The profits from the
resort could sufficiently cover those expenses, especially via the selling of herbs.

Excitement filled Megan when she reached the resort. She was looking around enthusiastically till
recalling her reason for the visit.

“Tristan, let’s go to the temple. I want to meet with the diviner and see if he’s the real deal.” She tugged
Tristan along.

He didn’t dare to make any decision, so he cast a questioning glance at Jared. After receiving a nod,
he agreed with her suggestion.

Jared didn’t follow them to the diviner but headed deeper into Crescent Sect.

It wasn’t a large temple, but many tourists were milling about. They met with the diviner for divination.
Despite the massive crowd, Megan was squeezing through the bodies with all her might while tugging

“Stop pushing! Don’t you know you’re supposed to get in line?” Feeling the sudden push forward, a
menacing-looking man shouted at Megan.

Hearing his words, someone quickly pulled him away. “Are you that eager to die? That’s Megan

Soon, the crowd parted to let Megan through. It seemed the Simmonses was well known in Whitesea.

In the temple hall sat a monk dressed in a robe. He lifted his eyes and glimpsed Megan, then dropped
his gaze immediately after.

“Master, how much for a round of divination?” she asked.

“You must be jesting, Ms. Simmons. The Simmonses are top-notch in physiognomy. There’s no need
for you to come to me for divination,” the master laughed.

“Physiognomy is different from divination. I specifically came here today to ask you for divination. I want
to see if you can get it right,” she said with a smirk.

“If that’s so, please shake this tube, Ms. Simmons.” The master handed Megan a bamboo tube filled
with bamboo sticks.

Reaching for the tube, she shook it vigorously before long a stick fell from the tube onto the ground.

The master picked up the stick and read it. He said with a chuckle, “Ms. Simmons, you’ll encounter
adversity shortly, but I can’t say the same for your father. He won’t be alive for long.”

Megan’s expression turned grave at his words. “What? I dare you to repeat! Think twice before you do!
Don’t think I won’t trash this temple.”