A Man Like None Other

Chapter 523

I Know Physiognomy

“My house is in Jadeborough!” Tristan displayed a smile.

“I see. I thought you guys are from the southwest too. Jadeborough is very far from here. Why are you
guys going to Whitesea? Are you guys on a vacation?”

Megan was curious.

“Yes!” Tristan nodded as he did not know how else to answer that.

“After Crescent Sect opened a hot spring resort, more tourists came to Whitesea for a trip. I heard that
the hot spring could cure many sicknesses, including cancer. I don’t know if it is true. I’ve never been
there!” Megan said.

“You know of Crescent Sect?” Jared, who had been keeping silent, suddenly widened his eyes and
asked Megan.

Logically speaking, ordinary people should not know about Crescent Sect. And why did they open a

“Of course, I do. Everyone in Whitesea knows about it. Not only that the resort has a hot spring, but
there is also a temple for people to pray for blessings. There is a master who is very good at divination.
However, my dad said it was a trick to deceive people, and he forbids me from going there!” Megan

Jared nodded slightly and kept his silence again. It seems that the ordinary folks merely see Crescent
Sect as a tourist spot. As for what it truly is, I bet no one knows about it.

Seeing Jared not responding again, Megan rolled her eyes at Jared and displayed a displeased
expression. She shifted her gaze toward Tristan. “You haven’t told me your name. Since you said that
you’re going to Whitesea, are you guys going to Crescent Sect? Based on your look, even though you
don’t look young, I bet you don’t have a girlfriend yet!”

“My name is Tristan Bailey. Yes, we are going to Crescent Sect. And indeed, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
Tristan smiled and joked, “Are you serious when you say you’re good at physiognomy?”

“Indeed, I am. My father is a famous physiognomist in Whitesea. He is known as ‘The Godlike
Simmons.’ At a glance, he is able to tell the person’s identity and history!” Megan boasted pridefully.

“Is he that good?” Tristan was somehow amazed by that. If her father is really that amazing, then I
guess he’s truly godlike.

“Of course. Even though I only learned a little from my dad, I can tell that this guy has a lot of admirers.
Many girls are into him although he is not that good-looking. If I’m not mistaken, one of his admirers is
a celebrity!”

Megan glanced at Jared, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat.

Megan had a bad impression of Jared, as he had refused to take her with them in the beginning. Plus,
he had been keeping silent ever since Megan got into the car.

“A celebrity?” Tristan stared at Jared with a confused look. I have no idea that some celebrity is into

Even though Jared was closing his eyes, he was slightly surprised. The celebrity that Megan
mentioned should be Tessa. I could tell that she had feelings for me when we were in Salinsburgh.

“However, even though he has a lot of admirers, he’ll disappoint many of them. Not only that, he will be
facing a catastrophe soon!” Megan continued to elaborate as she looked at Jared.

“What catastrophe?” Tristan asked anxiously.

If the issue with the Coopers is considered a catastrophe, she’s not wrong, then. After all, Jared killed
Franco, and the Coopers will never let him off the hook easily!

“I can’t tell. There are many things about this guy that I can’t tell. However, I am sure it will be a
catastrophe that may cost him his life…”

Megan furrowed her brows as she observed Jared closely.

Tristan also glanced at Jared. At the moment, Jared seemed to be sleeping. Tristan was not sure if
Jared heard what Megan had said.

“Stay focused while driving,” Jared said indifferently.