A Man Like None Other

Chapter 498

None Remained Intact

Tessa held on fast to Jayden’s arm amidst her own mounting tensions inside.

“Hahaha. Abandon all your false hopes, Jayden. Inside Mr. Mikkelson’s own arcane array, he is
practically God-like in his ability to dictate everything within. None would be able to defeat him!” Isaiah
convulsed with laughter.

Bam! Bam! Bam—

Very quickly, the sound of skirmishing between the duo emanated from within the fog, but no one could
ascertain what was happening inside!

“Rather unimpressive, I should say, of this arcane array of yours!”

Only Jared’s scoffing was audible before that dense curtain of fog dissipated. Quick as the eye can
see, the silhouette of both men presented themselves before the masses once more.

While Jared stood as he was before, Bruce was seen with the fresh imprint of five fingers prominently
upon his flush face!

The grandmaster blinked and recovered himself. While he glared at Jared, his eyes evoked strains of

“Are you all right, Jared?” Tessa hastened to ask.

“Do I look like I’m not? You should be asking that old fogey over there because I reckon none of his
teeth are still intact!” said Jared with a chuckle.

Seeing Bruce’s expression, Isaiah then cautiously asked, “Are you all right, Mr. Mikkelson?”


The moment the grandmaster opened his mouth, all the teeth inside came pattering out.


Tessa could not refrain from bursting out in laughter when she saw that, and Cristopher and Jayden,
too, partook in her merriment.

Even Isaiah himself felt the same urge when he saw Bruce turn out the way he did, but he fought hard
to contain himself.

Bruce’s eyes were ablaze. “I’d kill you right now, you little bastard!”

With that, his white mane billowed by itself like a demon.

“Cut the crap and show me what else you’ve got!” Jared goaded.

The unleashing of his magical technique saw Bruce’s eyes turning a deep claret. Following that, the
tendrils of black mist that emerged from his body suddenly blared fangs and claws and lunged toward
Jared like a vengeful spirit.

“This mist is venomous, Jared…” Tessa hastened to warn Jared when she saw this.

She felt the impetus to caution him because many who preceded him had fallen prey to this poisonous

However, Jared did not seem at all bothered. Conversely, he opened his mouth wide. “How could I
pass on such a delicacy?”

After that black mist was sucked into Jared outright, he patted his own belly. “Are there more? I’m not
quite satiated yet!”

“Hahaha. Do you have any idea what that was before you absorbed it into your own stomach, kiddo?”
Surprised that Jared took in the black mist, Bruce broke into laughter.

“Whatever that was and however more of it that you can throw at me, I can take it all in!” came Jared’s
nonchalant reply.

“Hmph. An excruciating death from poisoning would soon visit upon you. That’ll blunt your arrogance!”
Bruce scoffed dismissively, and when he leaped forward, a massive aura trailed toward Jared!

“Death by poisoning, from this? Not even close!”

With that, Jared similarly unleashed waves upon waves of terrifying aura of his own.

Sand spiraled and stones flew with the two sets of auras set upon a collision course. Amidst the chaos,
more than a few large rocks were altogether smashed into smithereens!

Bruce was set into a furrow. He did not expect that after being poisoned by his mist, Jared would still be
able to muster up such an awe-inspiring aura.

However, Bruce was not about to let up. He knew that Jared’s poisoning was close to taking effect,
hence there was no better time for him to claim the latter’s life than in the present!

Following a lift of his hand, an enormous palm manifested in the air and upon it a burned a
tempestuous firestorm!

“Have a taste of my Flaming Palm, brat!”

The gigantic palm descended toward Jared, and the series of heatwaves those blazing fires brought
with it sent the surrounding onlookers scurrying far and away!