A Man Like None Other

Chapter 493

That’s total bullsh*t, Isaiah, The entrance is the result of the collapse. How can you attribute it to your
hard work?” Jayden could not hold himself back and started cussing.

Christopher did not fare any better as his expression hardened. “Exactly. How can you take all the

“Then what do the two of you want?” Isaiah’s eyes brimmed with menace as he scrunched his brows

Instantly, Christopher fell silent. He knew he was in no place to voice any opinions since he was
considered the weakest among the three of them.

On the other hand, Jayden took a simple glimpse at George. Only upon receiving a nod from the latter
did he confidently boast, “Now that the mine’s entrance has emerged, we should decide who gets to
begin mining based on that person’s abilities!”

“Fine, Jayden! Don’t regret what you’ve said!” Isaiah did not beat around the bush either. Upon
agreement, he turned to Bruce and gave him a polite bow. “Mr. Mikkelson, I’m counting on you now!”.

“Rest assured, Mr. Ferguson!”

A flame first ignited on Bruce’s palm but was put off within seconds. Consequently, a dense layer of
smoke filled the place.

“It’s the same trick again? That useless illusionary technique won’t work on me!”

George let out a cold snort and uttered, “Daxton, go and teach that old man a lesson!”

“Got it!” As soon as Daxton’s words rang out, he charged toward the lingering smoke without hesitation.

The sounds of furious fighting rang out amidst the smoke. Nonetheless, no one had an idea of the
situation since they could only stare from outside.

Jayden clenched his fists so tightly they were sweating profusely.

“There’s no need to worry, Mr. Snyder. Daxton has long inherited my skills. A mere mage is no match
for him!”

Having learned that Bruce was a mage, George was unfazed by the situation before him.

With those words of assurance, Jayden could finally feel a little relieved.

But right as George finished speaking, a figure flew right out from the thick fog and crashed onto the
ground with a loud thud.

“Daxton… The sharp-eyed George could tell that it was his senior apprentice with one glance!

Daxton’s chest sunk deep in. It was a clear indication that he had a few of his ribs broken. There was
also a trace of blood from his mouth. He had wanted to open his mouth to say something, but fresh
red-colored blood spewed everywhere as he tried doing that.

Bruce stood tall within the dissipating smoke, with shades on his face and his hands tucked at the
back. “Who says a mage only knows magecrafts and doesn’t know how to fight?”

With an icy sneer, he removed his shades to reveal a pair of eyes that had no black pupils on them.
Regardless, he still waved his hand at George as though he could see where the latter was and
uttered, “Even without magecrafts, I’ll be able to win!”

“You’re skilled in both mage and martial arts?” George’s face grew increasingly grave.

“Cut the crap. Let’s get started if you have what it takes. Otherwise, get lost!”

Bruce broke into a wide grin. His voice rang out like thunder, leaving everyone present freaking out.

George could only feel a chill down his spine as the confidence within him had long faded. It was out of
his expectations that his opponent had such immense capabilities. Won’t that mean that I don’t stand a
chance at winning?

Nevertheless, he figured there was no other way out for him with how things had turned out. Bracing
himself and tensing his chiseled muscles up, he strode toward Bruce.

“Let me teach you a lesson for wounding my apprentice.”

With that said, George dashed forward swiftly in the direction of where Bruce was standing

This time, Bruce did not use magecraft. Instead, his ears were twitching continuously, and every time
his opponent launched an attack, he was able to shun it successfully

The battle between the two soon grew so intense it was like a fierce whirlwind, leaving the crowd
dodging the flying stones around them.

“You can do it, Mr. Jenson!” With his fists tightened, Jayden secretly cheered for George. The latter
was the only person he could depend on, which meant that his loss would only signify dire


With the loud boom, the two silhouettes went their separate ways. Not only did George stumble a few
steps back before managing to steady himself, but Bruce was also in a similar predicament. It turned

out the latter was not as indestructible as how others had perceived him to be!