A Man Like None Other

Chapter 473

Know Of His Identity

“Mr. Chance, Grandpa says that the Baileys wish to have a good relationship with you. We will do our
best with anything that you instruct us!”

Tristan stood up and bowed at Jared.

Jared became even more confused by that. “Did you guys find out something? Please tell me the

Tristan nodded as he turned toward Spencer and the rest. “Get out now! No one is allowed to come in
without my permission!”

Spencer nodded and immediately left with his men. Jared shifted his gaze toward Phoenix. “Please go
out too!”

With that, Phoenix went outside as well.

There were only Jared and Tristan left in the hall. Tristan bowed again and said, “Grandpa says you are
an energy cultivator, and you should be respected. We hope you can protect the Baileys!”

Jared was left in awe upon hearing that. Tristan’s grandfather is the first person that knows about my
identity. No one has ever found out about it before!

Jared had never encountered another cultivator during his life. All the others were either martial artists
or mages. He even started to doubt if there was any other cultivator besides him and Draco.

“Could it be that your grandfather is an energy cultivator too? Or has he met one?” Jared sounded
somehow excited.

If Jared could find another cultivator, he would no longer feel lonely. He would finally have someone
with to have a mutual interest. Plus, he had many doubts about spiritual energy cultivation. He hoped
he would have someone he could ask about it.

Tristan shook his head. “My grandpa is not an energy cultivator. But he has seen one.”

Tristan told Jared what Samuel had told him. Jared was left with utter disappointment after hearing
that. That was more than ten years ago. How am I going to find them now?

Jared had no choice but to wait for the time to go to the uninhabited island. He had no idea what Draco
meant by the big opportunity.

Besides, he could not stop thinking about his birth mother. He felt she was still alive and was locked up
somewhere. Jared did not know why he would feel so, but the feeling was intense.

“Your grandfather was right. I am indeed an energy cultivator!” Jared did not intend to lie to Tristan
since the Baileys were honest with him. It did not matter if the latter was sincere or not. After all, they
both had something the other needed. Jared had to get his hands on those herbs to improve his

Tristan’s eyes upon hearing Jared’s confession. His eyes filled with envy and surprise. “Mr. Chance,
could you please tell me how you managed to become an energy cultivator?”

Tristan was extremely curious as this was the first time he had heard about the energy cultivator. If I
manage to become one, then I will be immortal!

“You martial artists train your internal energy. You need a lot of practice to build the energy from your
belly. Meanwhile, a cultivator uses spiritual energy. We will store the spiritual energy in our belly. Mages

also use spiritual energy, but they only need a small amount. They mostly use formation only,” Jared
explained to Tristan.

“I see. Now I understand. So you need these herbs because there is spiritual energy in them and can
help with your cultivation, right?”

Tristan came to his realization.

Jared nodded. “That’s right. However, only herbs more than a hundred years have spiritual energy.
There is too less spiritual energy in the air. I can only borrow the spiritual energy from other things!”