A Man Like None Other

Chapter 438


Spencer’s pupils constricted with surprise when he saw the pill in Tristan’s hand. “Th-This is-”

“This is the boosting pill. It has a stronger effect than the revitalizing pill. Its main function is to boost the
internal energy and power of martial artists. It could also heal any internal injury.”

Tristan’s and Spencer’s jaws dropped at Jared’s description.

Jared had created the boosting pill for Phoenix and Tommy, but he left one for himself.

“Were you the one who created this pill?” Tristan asked.

“If you don’t believe me, there’s no need for any further discussion.”

With a wave of his hand, the green-colored pill flew back into his palm.

“Jared, the Baileys are willing to offer ten billion for your prescription. Also, I promise to assist you in
dealing with Derek and Crescent Sect. How about it?” Tristan offered sincerely.

“I told you that I will deal with my own problems. I’ll only agree to exchange the prescription for herbs.”
Jared retorted as he shook his head.

Tristan frowned at his rejection. He couldn’t decide for over half of the herbs in Herb Palace. The Baileys
had put in their utmost effort to obtain and deliver those valuable herbs to Herb Palace. The herbs’
resources were limited, so he was reluctant to lose over half of the herbs to Jared in a blink of an eye.

Then, Jared spun on his heel to leave, seeing no response from Tristan. He had only taken two steps
when a group of men poured in from the entrance and surrounded him.

Jared guessed these men had been lying in wait from the start. They wouldn’t have barged in if he
agreed to Tristan’s request.

Jared’s expression turned hard as he looked over his shoulder at Tristan. “What is the meaning of this?”

“You should be smart and make the right decision. No one has ever rejected Herb Palace. You can only
leave once you hand over the prescription,” Spencer answered coldly instead of Tristan.

“So you’re planning to steal it from me in broad daylight?” Jared chuckled.

“It doesn’t matter how you put it. Hand over the prescription, or else…”

“Or else what?” A fierce glint shone brightly in Jared’s eyes as he narrowed them.

Spencer’s entire body shivered, feeling the murderous intent within Jared’s gaze. After sneaking a peek
at the silent Tristan, he threatened, “Or else you’ll be gone from this world.”

“With just the lot of you?” Jared laughed. His disdain was distinct in his voice when he said, “I changed
my mind. I want all the herbs from Herb Palace delivered to my house. Otherwise, I’ll annihilate the entire
Herb Palace because of your threat.”

Jared was looking for an excuse to get his hands on the herbs from Herb Palace. Since Spencer had so
kindly offered it by threatening him, he would gladly accept it.

“Haha! Have you lost your mind, brat? Do you think you’re invincible once you’ve defeated Zachariah?
You have a huge ego to think you can annihilate Herb Palace… Hahahaha” Spencer laughed at Jared’s
big talk. However, Tristan continued to stay silent with a dark look.

Jared snorted. Without replying, he strode toward the exit.

“Stop him!”

A few men rushed toward Jared under Spencer’s order.

Without halting, a powerful wave emanated from Jared toward those men. They were all pushed
backward after meeting head-on with forceful energy.

Rage flowed through Spencer at the sight. “I’ll fight you.”

“Stop!” Tristan shouted.

Spencer stopped in his path and watched as Jared left.

“Mr. Bailey…” Spencer cast a puzzled look at Tristan.

“Let him leave for now. We have better things to do. We’ll deal with him after the Martial Arts Gathering.”

Tristan whirled around and returned to the back.