A Man Like None Other

Chapter 437

I Will Handle It

Spencer’s entire body stiffened, and his expression turned awkward after following Jared’s line of sight to
the back of the hall.

“You’re a talented man, Jared. It’ll be beneficial for you to join Herb Palace,” Tristan commented as he
came out from the back.

Spencer shot to his feet and stepped away from his seat, offering it to Tristan.

“Mr. Bailey,” he greeted respectfully.

Tristan took a seat opposite Jared. With a smile, he said, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Tristan from the
Baileys of Jadeborough. You feel like an old friend of mine despite this being the first time I’m meeting

Jared smirked, “Would you have sneaked around in the back and hid from me if I were your old friend?”

Jared felt a presence hiding in the back the instant he stepped into the hall. Using his breathing
technique, he could sense the latter’s internal energy had already reached the Grandmaster level.

Tristan smiled awkwardly after being pointed out by Jared. “Jared, the reason I didn’t show myself-”

With a wave of his hand, he stopped Tristan’s explanation. “You don’t have to explain to me. I’m not
interested in your reason. I’m here because Herb Palace has the medicinal herbs I need. I’m not
planning to join it, but I can give you the prescription for the revitalizing pill. Know that you can’t even
make it despite having the prescription. So, in exchange for the revitalizing pill, I want the herbs for it.”

Tristan frowned at the finality in Jared’s words. He thought the latter would be eager to join Herb Palace
after he revealed his identity. Everyone knew the Baileys of Jadeborough. It was a fact that one’s future

was brighter if one had strong support from the Baileys. However, Jared didn’t care for that at all.

“Jared, I know you’re in a pinch lately. You might have killed Zachariah, but he had a brother, Derek, in
Jadeborough. Even though they weren’t close, they were blood-related. Derek will surely avenge his
brother’s death. I also heard the four elders of Crescent Sect had made their moves and headed toward
Jazona. I can help you with all of these if you join Herb Palace. You will be under the Baileys’ protection,”
Tristan said, his gaze pinned on Jared.

“I will handle all of these myself. At most, I’ll kill anyone who comes at me.”

Jared had spoken it in a low tone, but it sounded arrogant to Tristan.

Tristan sneered, “Have you ever heard of arrogance bringing misfortune?”

“If you think I’m arrogant, there’s no longer a need for us to discuss.”

Jared rose and turned to leave.

“Jared, wait. I want the prescription for the revitalizing pills. Give me a price.”

Noting Jared’s insistence on not joining Herb Palace, Tristan could only resort to getting his hands on the

“I’ve told you it was pointless to give you the prescription. You won’t succeed in making it,” Jared stated.

“We have plenty of herbologists in Herb Palace, and there aren’t any drugs they can’t make. Perhaps,
you don’t have the prescription?”

Spencer challenged Jared after hearing how he belittled Herb Palace on multiple occasions.

“If you insist on the prescription, I can give it to you, but you need to trade it with half of the herbs from
Herb Palace,” Jared bartered casually.

Tristan and Spencer were initially baffled by his request, then Spencer’s temper spiked at Jared’s greed.
“Do you know how many herbs there are in Herb Palace? You’re greedy for asking half of it!”

The creases on Tristan’s forehead deepened. “Your revitalizing pills are indeed efficient, and the base
cost for it is low, but requesting for half of the herbs from the entire Herb Palace for it is too much. Aren’t
you overestimating yourself?”

“What if I add on the prescription for this pill?”

Jared reached for a green pill from his pocket and threw it toward Tristan. Tristan scented a waft of
fragrance coming from his hand when he caught the tiny object.