A Man Like None Other

Chapter 403

“Give it to them. This stone is worthless.”

Jared said once again.

Before Oliver could speak again, Lizbeth scolded, “Return the stone right now! You’re such an . idiot. No
wonder you got swindled. Just take this as a lesson!”

Oliver didn’t know what to say. In the end, he gritted his teeth and tossed the stone to Joseph helplessly.
Then, he lowered his head with a dejected look on his face.

“I told you, the stone is worthless. It only had a thin layer of imperial jade on the surface. If you cut
deeper, there would be nothing in it.”

Jared patted Oliver on the shoulder to comfort him.

“Really?” Oliver quickly raised his head in surprise.

If what Jared said was true, the stone would be worthless, and he wouldn’t suffer any losses.

“Of course!” Jared smiled gently.

Joseph sneered upon hearing Jared’s words. “I’ve been in the stone gambling business for decades. My
judgment can’t be worse than a kid in his twenties. With such green coloration on this stone, there must
be at least three pieces of imperial jade in it!”

“If you don’t believe me, you can make another cut and see it for yourself!” Jared said to Joseph.

The crowd immediately became interested when they overheard their conversation. They gathered
around and shouted, “Make another cut!”

“Okay, I shall make one more cut!” Joseph said.

Then, he passed the stone to his subordinate, and the subordinate meticulously cut the stone again.

After cutting it again, there was indeed nothing inside, not even a bit of green.

This time, everyone was stunned. Even Joseph gasped in disbelief.

“Don’t stop cutting!” Joseph yelled at his subordinate,

After another cut, there was still nothing inside.

In the end, the stone was cut into shards, and there was only a thin layer of imperial jade with nothing
else inside. It was indeed a worthless piece of rock.

At that moment, Joseph was dumbfounded. The crowd looked at Jared in astonishment.

“Hahahal Great! This is great! Hurry up and refund my deposit!”

Oliver laughed happily. If it weren’t for Jared, he might have lost his money again.

W Toseph glared at Jared fiercely before turning toward Oliver. “No refund. It’s the rule of my store.

You can only pick another stone!”

“No, I don’t trust you anymore. Give me back my deposit!”

Oliver didn’t want to gamble at his store anymore.

“As I said, no refund. Either you pick another stone, or leave!” Joseph said domineeringly.

“You!” When Oliver was about to get angry, but Jared stopped him.

“Can I pick whichever stone I want with one hundred thousand?” Jared asked.

“Of course. You may choose any stone you want from this pile.” Joseph pointed to the pile of stones
behind him.

Jared glanced at the pile of stones and discreetly shook his head. There was no imperial jade in the pile
of stones, not even an ice stone.

However, when he looked over at the messy pile of stones in a bag nearby, he trembled slightly.

“What about the stones over there? Can I choose from that pile?” Jared pointed to the messy pile of
stones and asked.

“Those are worthless stones that have been cut open. If you want to pick one, it will be ten thousand.”
Joseph glanced at the messy pile of stones and said.

“Jared, those are all worthless stones that have been cut open. You won’t get anything good,” Oliver
hurriedly advised.

The stones had all been cut open. However, they were repurchased by the stone gambling store after
the first cut. Hence, the price was pretty low. If the stones were cut three or four times, they would have
no value at all.

Jared ignored Oliver. He walked directly toward the stones and began to choose


Soon, Jared had already chosen ten pieces of stones. Looking at the stones that had already been cut,
Oliver sighed over the one hundred thousand Jared had wasted.