A Man Like None Other

Chapter 398


The black and white fog collided. The black fog dispersed and disappeared without a trace within
seconds, and the sky became clear. The ground was full of the fallen fighters of the Phoenix Regiment,
and only less than ten of them could stand.

With her body covered with injuries, Phoenix held a long sword in her hand and glared at Zedekiah with

Zedekiah ignored her. Instead, he looked toward the houses engulfed in the white mist with a horrified


The roof of the ceiling immediately collapsed. Jared’s body was surrounded by faint spiritual energy as
he floated in the air like an immortal being.

“How dare an evil soul like you call yourself a master?”

Jared was devoid of emotions. He gently waved his hand and instantly strangled Zedekiah in the white

Zedekiah struggled desperately to release himself from the white mist. He looked as if he was in pain.

Suddenly, Zedekiah stopped moving as if he was already dead.

Just when Tommy and Phoenix felt a sudden flare of joy, the white mist on Zedekiah’s body began to
seep into his body slowly.

Immediately afterward, Zedekiah opened his eyes and rose into the air to meet Jared in the eye.

“Hahaha! Do you think you can hurt me with such a cheap trick? The abundance of your spiritual
energy served me well!”

Zedekiah spoke and suddenly pushed his palms forward, directing a massive suction force toward

Jared was engulfed in a gigantic vortex, about to be consumed by it.

Soon, Jared began to feel his spiritual energy depleting. Zedekiah was absorbing all of his spiritual

“Hahaha! You have such an abundance of pure spiritual energy! After I suck you dry, I will bring you to
the Crescent Sect and kill you!”

Zedekiah laughed loudly with a wicked expression.

Jared felt his spiritual energy gradually fading away. However, he remained unfazed and smiled.

The magecraft used by Zedekiah was similar to that of Dorieus’s Astral Attraction. These two
magecrafts were assumed to be of the same origin, but Zedekiah’s was more advanced!

“You can still smile? I have to admire your courage!”

Seeing the calm and composed Jared, Zedekiah was a little impressed. However, he remained
relentless and increased the suction power, draining the spiritual energy out of Jared at an even faster

Tommy and Phoenix watched as a swirling cloud of black mist surrounded Jared. Their faces became
worried, and their heart pounded anxiously. But there was nothing that they could do at that time.

“Hahaha! This is great! This is too great! All this spiritual energy will definitely enhance my power even
further! The position of the Crescent Sect elder will no longer be out of my reach!”

Zedekiah said smugly.

“Are you done?” Jared casually asked.

“Done? Not so fast. I want all of your spiritual energy!”

Zedekiah smirked with gleeful eyes.

“Being greedy will get you nowhere. In the end, you will be left with nothing.”

Jared shook his head. After that remark, the Focus Technique in his elixir field started to throttle!

With an even stronger suction force, he immediately absorbed the spiritual energy he had lost back!

The gleeful smile on Zedekiah’s face was wiped away when he realized that the spiritual energy was
being drained out of his body. He panicked and looked at Jared in shock.