A Man Like None Other

Chapter 368

How Dare You

However, as soon as Anthony finished his sentence, Master Iron’s expression darkened and he spat,
“Anthony, this has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. So stay out of this. Or else, don’t
blame me for treating you harshly!”

Anthony’s expression turned cold and fury boiled within him. How could he disrespect me like this? And
in front of Jared, no less? I am the head of the Department of Justice!

Anthony would not have minded if it were the Jantz family that disrespected him. However, the fact that
even Iron Gate Academy disrespected him made him feel utterly humiliated.

“Master Iron, I hope you’d think twice about the consequences! Are you sure you want to go against the
Department of Justice?”

Anthony’s expression darkened as he threatened Master Iron.

“Hah! Stop trying to scare me into submission. I can bear whatever consequences that follow. No
matter what, I must kill him today…”

As Master Iron spoke, golden light started to envelop his body again, making it look like he was
wearing armor.

Anthony’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing that. He staggered a few steps back. “Master Iron, are you
really going to fight us?”

“Cut the crap. Get out of my way if you don’t wish to die!” Master Iron shouted before he charged
forcefully toward Jared.

Just then, a female voice rang out. “Master Iron, how dare you…”

A figure instantly appeared in front of Master Iron before giving him a forceful slap in the face.

Everyone froze on the spot. Master Iron, too, was stunned as he covered his face with his hand.

Just then, dozens of men rushed out from nowhere and surrounded those from Iron Gate Academy.

Only then did the crowd recognize the figure as Phoenix, the head of the Phoenix Regiment.

“Phoenix… Iron Gate Academy has no grudge against Phoenix Regiment. So why did you slap me?”

It was obvious that Master Iron seem to be intimidated by Phoenix.

“Bullsh*t! If you dare to disrespect Mr. Chance again, I will take that as a hostile act against the Phoenix
Regiment, you old fool.”

As she spoke, Phoenix lifted her leg and wanted to kick at Master Iron. Recoiling in fear, the latter kept
staggering backward.

“Mr. Chance?” Master Iron stared at Jared, shell-shocked.

He did not understand why Phoenix was addressing the man so courteously.

“Master Iron, you’d better leave with your men right now. If I find out you try to go after Mr. Chance
again, I will cast Iron Gate Academy out of Warriors Alliance. When that happens, you will have no
place in Summerbank!” Phoenix warned Master Iron fiercely.

Even though Master Iron felt indignant, he had no choice but to comply.

After all, Phoenix Regiment was one of the four directors of Warriors Alliance. It would be easy if they
wanted to chase Iron Gate Academy out of the alliance. For that reason alone, Master Iron did not dare
to cross Phoenix.

Not to mention, Phoenix’s ability was far beyond him. In the end, Master iron could only leave the place
with his men, looking like a dog escaping with its tail tucked behind its leg.

“Mr. Chance, are you all right?”

After chasing Master Iron away, Phoenix walked toward Jared.

Jared smiled faintly and nodded slightly.

Lizbeth and Anthony were left in bewilderment when they saw Phoenix behaving so humbly in front of

“General Long, thanks a lot for today,” Jared said.

Regardless of the reason, Anthony had stood up for Jared.

“You are most welcome. Besides, I didn’t really do anything. Since everything is settled now, I shall
take my leave.”

Anthony displayed an embarrassed look as he immediately led his men away.

After witnessing what had transpired firsthand, he figured he should not stick his nose into Jared’s
business. He initially thought Jared was powerless, and he even wanted the latter to apologize to
Master Iron.

However, it turned out that Jared’s power was beyond his imagination. Even the head of the Phoenix
Regiment respected him. At that moment, Anthony suddenly realized he was the most powerless party

in the whole incident.